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  1. That could be an advantage. Plenty of in fighting already but a power vacuum will really stir things up
  2. Good luck! Where in MN are you guys hunting? Alot of birds in western MN right now
  3. Love the PAK9 Ugly as sin but a sweet little shooter
  4. WhiskeyMinion

    Gunny is Gone

    Marines don't die, they go to hell and regroup
  5. We will build eventually. For now it onlyhas a new outhouse for the old lady and a 10x16 shed. It's a great deer setup with a good combination of swamp, pasture & woods. Has two permanent stands over food plots and there are deer and turkey everywhere.
  6. Just closed on roughly 40 acres of land with my wonderful wife. It is firearms related haha. I finally have my own place to shoot!
  7. It's been a busy month. Pics are to large WASR UF & reverse dong M90NP & two M76 grips SLR-95 & Russian type 3 furniture My wife's going to blow a gasket
  8. WhiskeyMinion

    FL school shooting

    Almost all kids today are sociopaths
  9. A usmachinegun adapter and blade for the Chiappa
  10. What adapter did you go with? Have you been happy with the fit and function? I'm wanting to do the same.
  11. We got some good snow so far this year but the last big one just missed us. It's been bitter cold this year though