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  1. If you don't know the area well and the people in the vicinity I wouldn't do that. Lake County isn't Crook County, but it just seems like a bad idea to me. If you go north into Free America a few miles you can find the Bristol shooting ranges, which is a large outdoor range complex that looks pretty inexpensive to use. Consider giving them a call instead. http://www.bristolranges.com/web/Locating_CCKC/Locating_CCKC.htm
  2. Nope, they just signed me right up. "Thank you for renewing your NRA Membership. We appreciate your common interest in protecting and preserving our Second Amendment rights and promoting safe, responsible gun ownership. "Your credit card will be billed for $300.00* for a Life Membership in the National Rifle Association with "American Rifleman" as your magazine choice."
  3. No MGs, suppressors, SBR, SBS. No open or concealed carry under any conditions outside of your house or business. Weapons outside your house or business have to always be transported unloaded, no magazine inserted, in a closed case. Requires an ID card that takes about a year to get to buy a firearm or ammo, and it will expired well before you get the new one - which means you can arrested and sent to jail. Towns and counties have random weapon laws. The Governor keeps trying to pass massive gun ban bills. Other then the gun stuff, the crooked pols at all levels (like 4 of the past 8 Gov
  4. Why do you want to install the barrel in the trunnion before it is 16" or longer? Is it that more difficult to install the fully finished barrel into the trunnion? Given that the risk, while a low probability, is that you can go to jail for 10 years and/or bankrupt yourself fighting the charges, what is the reward of taking that risk that makes it all worthwhile to you?
  5. Whether the rifling is appropriate depends on the round you are shooting. 1:7 for 5.56 is certainly fine for M855 and other modern ammo, 1:7 is the military spec. I'm not sure it will work with ALL the ammo out there. What the required twist rate is has to do with bullet length and weight. However, that doesn't mean a given bullet won't be stable "enough" to use if it doesn't match the ideal rifling. For example, M193 is overspun in 1:7, but it still works "ok". However I'm no sure how you determine that without shooting the bullet and seeing how it works. I assume there are rules of th
  6. I'll say it again: If a company won't submit their "gun safe" to the UL and get at least a RSC rating it's not to be trusted for anything other then young children. And obviously some of them can't even get that part right.
  7. Forbes: Unsafe Gun Safes Can Be Opened By A Three-Year Old With video of a 3y/o boy opening said gun safes. The more detailed article and more videos: http://www.thesidebar.org/insecurity/?p=793 It's probably not going to be a good day when your security hardware company gets a call from Marc Weber Tobias...
  8. No, the feds paid for the guns and ammo. He had a $26K/year stipend from the Federal Government, plus they covered his school tuition and expenses.
  9. Make a .308 upper and I'll buy it, if it's even vaguely reasonable priced.
  10. I shot an MP-5 there years ago, as well as getting a Nevada CCW. I'm told there are some other, better options in Vegas these days.
  11. My preference is to buy complete weapons on a form 4, because I really don't want to engrave my name on the damn gun. But yeah, otherwise don't have the short barreled upper in your possession without a registered lower.
  12. http://blog.princelaw.com/2012/07/10/a-gun-trust-for-electronic-e-form-4-submissions-in-the-near-future/ http://militarytimes.com/blogs/gearscout/2012/07/09/american-silencer-association-meets-with-atf-and-congress/ The American Silencer Assoc met with the NFA branch to discuss issues, like the crazy backlogs. If you look at the video you can see the piles of forms in the halls of the ATF. Apparently they are still pushing forward on removing the CLEO signoff and moving towards electronic filing of transfers that don't require fingerprints.
  13. You seem to be suggesting that that is somehow a bad thing?
  14. Yes, and Handcrafted Match .308 runs about $.53 a round. Plus your up-front equipment investment and whatever you think your time is worth for round development and production time. If you shoot a lot it is worth it. If you don't shoot multiple thousands of rounds a year it might not be.
  15. http://www.sgammo.com My current favorite source. http://www.natchezss...ammo.cfm But watch out for shipping costs, can be kind of steep. http://www.ammoman.com/ Shipping is included in the price.
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