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  1. One for me, and one for my nephew. Where we're going the bears like traveling the treeline like a highway to new areas. Plus they'll be congregating for the salmon run. And we have to camp on our food instead of hanging it cause there's no trees to hang it from. We will have an electric fence around the camp. Just got done cleaning and polishing them till the action slides as smooth as a baby's behind. Now for some range time.
  2. The newest craze is snorting condoms! Wait till one chokes, and then we can all protest in front of their schools chanting "Never Again! Stop giving our kids condoms!" What's good for the goose....
  3. I wasn't going to take my pre-ban Norinco Type 56S up there, especially when I just saw one go at $2600. I'm figuring daily cleanings of CLP and grease. We're going to be up there for 30 days in the bush, so I don't think they'll get that bad. Any problems with grinding the spring lock down? That makes dis/assembly more difficult than needed!
  4. Picked up 2 Century underfolding N-PAP's for $699 each at Fleet Farm. The actions are a little rough and need polishing/shooting. But they're good for body slinging while shoveling dirt into a sluice. And if a bear wants to not take NO for an answer, we got 30 good reasons of 8M3 to do so! They did come with PMAG's!
  5. As a union stagehand, I agree with GOB on public sector unions. However, there are some times where the public sector needs trade unions involved. One of those is where I'm involved. I work for a school system in their theatre, and union stage crews are needed there to help operate the fly systems, audio, and lighting systems. Do you really want to trust a high school kid to rig 1000 lbs over the heads of other kids, or do you want it done professionally? Most of our work is babysitting so they don't destroy everything, but for the fly system we run it due to OSHA and child labor laws.
  6. Try drilling tungsten carbide! Would need diamond bits for that. Only a pro might have something like that ready. Anyone thought of just using grade 8 steel? Yes it can still be sawed, but it's going to be slow work. A frozen 3/4" grade 8 truss bolt takes about 4-5 minutes to cut with a sawzall. Stagehands hate it when that happens at 2:00 in the morning. Really, I think we are giving these punks too much credit. I'd expect them to fuck up the dial so you can't get in, after they couldn't get in. And after the little shit drags it through a wall, how's he going to lift it into his
  7. Tungsten carbide free spinning bars in the walls would stop sawzall and grinder attacks.
  8. Well, Hillary was right! It does take a village to raise a kid! It takes a village to hunt down and destroy the little monsters she created!
  9. Right now I could use a RPG-7 and about 100 rounds! Have Oshkosh Truck parking armored vehicles all over town with little to no security. Just wait till some aloha snackbar type swipes one and bajas through a crowd. It'd be damn near impossible to stop, and the sheriff in no way has anything that could touch it. Military anti-tank support would be a minimum of 2 1/2-3 hours away. If .gov can't do it, then it's the peoples job!
  10. Well, I'd add a dog to that and live with a little pee on the carpet. You wouldn't make a good stagehand! You wouldn't believe the number of freaks I have to put up with! But then, you wouldn't believe the number of BJ's you could get for your backstage pass! But if they're that eager, they're not worth it! I don't stick my dick where I wouldn't stick my finger!
  11. Jesus drives a D infinity bulldozer. Your faith is the key to start that bulldozer. And when Jesus is joyriding his dozer, you can sit back and relax. It only takes a mustard seed of faith to move a mountain.
  12. Well I have to take this back since he didn't destroy it properly per ATF regs it is legally still a firearm. The receiver has to be cut into prescribed sections, and technically all receivers must be cut with a cutting torch, but aluminum supposedly can be cut with a saw with authorization. But we all know that nothing will happen to this guy. Not really! I had a Govt M16A1 lower receiver set that they sheared at the front of the trigger well. That's considered a full de-mil!
  13. OK, so this means that they're trying to ban rubber bands and bungee cords! Yeah, rubber bands work for it...but not very well. A 3 round burst was the best I could manage with a S12 and the hair band off my ponytail. Then we could piss off the AFT even more by calling them the BATFE&RB.
  14. Yup! Follow the money! Why do you think the BATFuckE loves going after honest citizens rather than criminals? One, we're easy, and two, we get the numbers up so they can claim that they need more money for enforcement. If they'd do even half the job that they're being paid for, we could cut their funding to a tenth of what it is currently.
  15. Might be better to have a crappy safe that's easy to find as a decoy.
  16. Who did the pigs side with in Animal Farm? The Farmers! (globalists) It's going to continue that way until Christ returns for the church, and the globalists give their power to the antichrist to run things. And then things get worse than worst!
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