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  1. HotShot308


    Yes, lots of experience with it. I have done several guns and when I'm done modding my S-12 It will get Cerakote inside and out as well. Very durable, love it!
  2. HotShot308

    What side do you fold your stock on?

    I'm not sure what you weigh, but I would recommend getting off the phone... they don't usually support very much weight.
  3. HotShot308

    Need a Saiga 12 bolt/firing pin assembly

    If he gets this, I hope he takes it to a 'smith to get it checked for proper bolt closing before he goes and shoots it.
  4. HotShot308

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    Couldn't you do like they do in Komiefornia and render the mag release inaccessible?
  5. HotShot308

    bolt hold-open saiga12

    My apologies, I missed that it was factory
  6. HotShot308

    Show your duracoated saiga 12s

    What do you mean by limited? Both of these rifles are Cerakoted... Not just externally either. The complete reciever, in and out, op rod, Bolt (masked off the bolt face and roller only) & carrier, even the gas system were all Cerakoted. Look in the Op-rod channel on the top rifle, that was after over 500 rounds sent down range with that rifle.... looks new! No marring or wearing. Here is the gas system for an M14 done... the internals are left alone, but I even do the back end of the piston rod to protect wear there.. It is self lubricating, and I'll be doing my S12 including internals, rails and BCG with it as well when I'm done with my build. I have also done many R-10/22's including the bolts and internals on the recievers. It's very durable and you almost don't even need to lube the gun when it's there. I'm just wondering what you feel the limitations are?? I just realized there was two rifles in that picture lmao. nice Thanks, I have to be careful not to set them down in the yard... Might lose them... Lol
  7. HotShot308

    bolt hold-open saiga12

    It's an AK style weapon, and therefor functions like an AK, not an AR. Sorry to be blunt, but it's just a different platform. There's not LRBHO, so my suggestion is to get good at your round counts and reload while there is still one in the chamber, that way you won't have to cycle the bolt on reloads. However, another practice to keep in mind is a malfunction drill, where you practice cycling the weapon in the case of a cartridge malfunction.
  8. HotShot308

    Show your duracoated saiga 12s

    That looks badass!! I like how your eotech hood matches too. I noticed your stock on there as the fab defense one. I almost bought one for my Saiga. I didn't because a reputable s12 builder in my area said since its designed to absorb some of the recoil, it would cause cycling issues in an S12 so I got a tromix stock instead. Have you had any issues with yours cycling? BTW I cerakoted my saiga, and It doesn't seem to be any better than duracoat as far as durability goes. It still scratches and wears off. Its not the miracle innovation its made out to be. If you're having scratching or wear issues, it could be an application error. Was it the bake on version, or air dry? If bake on, were all the metal parts pre-heated before application? Or are the wear issues on parts that couldn't be baked?
  9. HotShot308


    Or, spend $12 with MD Arms on the Molot style, then spend a little quality time with your dremel or some sand paper and modify/reduce/eliminate the finger grooves to your liking.
  10. HotShot308

    Newbie Here... What Gas Plug is This?

    That's the stock plug. Position 1 is for high power loads such as high-brass and slugs. Position 2 is only for lighter stuff.
  11. HotShot308

    VIDEO: Plastic Muzzle Brake for Saiga-12?!?!

    If you need any product testers... I'll volunteer! You're doing great work on this!
  12. HotShot308

    Izhmash Factory 8 Round Magazines

    Check out the statement at the bottom... this was in with my magazine... I have a feeling these have been stored somewhere and due to packaging are now being shipped out...
  13. HotShot308

    Izhmash Factory 8 Round Magazines

    Absolutely sir. Nothing like X-Ray Art. Simply beautimus. I am in complete agreement!! BTW... I got mine today, and as soon as photobucket plays nice with my phone, I may post a pic or two...
  14. HotShot308

    Izhmash Factory 8 Round Magazines

    I guess I'm dumb. First time I tested to see if a magazine was worth a shit was when we were issued the new Okay magazines. Everybody was skeptical of them. We were all using colt 30 and 20 round magazines. Our magazines were disposable items over time. One popular test was to take an empty rifle and baseball swing your magazine into 'a rock or something hard' if the plate came off and shot out your spring, you would return your magazine till you got a colt. Even now as a has been, my magazines take a hit when going from a run to a prone position. They get banged up on cement, rails, sills, truck beds and a slew of other things you can shoot off of. I have found that the Izhmash magazines are superior to the US made magazines due to the lips and the material used. Not sure what's in it, but it's not all plastic. I think there are fibers in it as well. Anyway, lots of people keep up with their training and enjoy shooting from postions outside the sterile repetitive bench of an established shooting range. Once you get outside the indoor range and practice new positions, it really does help to have a magazine that won't peen or distort from dinging it on stuff when you are operating the weapon. I agree with your philosophy, gotta keep up the training or you lose it.... and when you need it is not the time for refresher training. Plus an 8 round Izzy mag is much shorter than a 10 or 12 SGM, so going prone will be better all around... I would like to see someone trying to shoot from prone with a 12 round mag in there.
  15. HotShot308

    Folding stock on my Saiga

    I'll jump on a couple of those... If you're removing the tang, use the CSS Internal receiver block.(this is the one I used, it works great) The site says... "Akdal MKA1919 shotguns require the Tromix stock adapter." You are working on an S-12, not an Akdal... right? I opted for the MD-20... about the same price, better rep, looks better engineered, site supporter... need I say more. No info on the FTE with Quad rails. I got the reliability kit... came with adjustable plug, and better puck (which both pieces counts as a 922r part), only use the spring when you are going to run really light target loads. As for regulator, I'm going to try the MD that came with the Reliability kit, then if that isn't working for me I may get the Auto Plug. HTH