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  1. I think it had a regular recoil spring as well.
  2. Ive never seen a Saiga without a dustcover. Mine was a threaded 19" version with manual BHO.
  3. The S410s can be picky for sure. My S20s run like a dream. My shorty S20 with chop and perm is my favorite. I like them more than the 12s. Much easier to control. I usually run 3" shells in the S20 but will run most 2 3/4" except ultra cheap pump shotgun ammo. Best thing to do with your 410 is get some more mags and see if they have problems as well. It will give you something to compare your mags to. If you have some spare hammers try a few and see if they sit a little lower than the one you have in it now. If its a Tapco G2 there's a good chance its sitting higher than a Combloc hammer.
  4. What kind of FCG is in it? I'm wondering if your hammer is sitting highand the bolt is skipping over top driving the shell downward.
  5. The S20 will run everything with a little refinement.
  6. The 2 3/4 Suprema will run in OEM 3" mags if you load with bolt closed.
  7. My S20 project is coming together. It is chopped and permed at 18" with AK74 brake and stock. I modded a Vepr .308 handguard to fit. A little more trigger work will be in near future. She's sporting an OEM 10 round 20x70.I drilled out the gas ports to 3/32 and added another at same diameter. She runs like a sewing machine with 2 3/4 Suprema and Wallyworld special. Thank you Salty Decimator and the EVL one for your guidance.
  8. Good job young man! Its fun isn't it? What kind of paint you use on the receiver?
  9. They are really not hard to convert unless you want a barrel chop. Shortening the barrel will change the gas pressure and might limit you to really hot rounds.There is plenty of blogs o how to save yourself some money.If you really don't want to do it make sure it is fully converted with pistol grip.you can put any kind of stocks on them.
  10. Can you post a pic?
  11. You can get more accuracy out of your S20 with a FSP near muzzle end.It creates a longer sight radius. I picked up one on Ebay from Russian Federation for 59 shipped.You just clamp it on the end tightening the screws.You then have an adjustable front sight. My S 20s will cut the center out at 50 yd. They are awesome shotguns and fun to tinker with!
  12. You got an older one.The one I have is dated 2000.How long is the barrel? Is the muzzle threaded?
  13. I added FSBs to my S20s at muzzle end then shaved the bead sight off with a dremel. You can put fiber optic sights in nthose easily and have moe accuracy because of the longer sight radius.
  14. I picked up 4 while I was at the Vet last night waiting on Shep.Ive been waiting a long time for these mags. I did mod some V308 mags to fit my m77 to hold me over. I bet the m77s price goes up substantially now.
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