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  1. Check out picture #180 in the 308 pictures section. I used Dinzag's M17x1 tap and TAT, with his '74 brake. Works like a champ. Dinzag was GREAT to deal with and has a wealth of knowledge. Joe, Alias Over DaHill
  2. I should have read the instructions first LOL.
  3. Almost done! I only say that because like my Harley (always about $2,500 away from being complete). Anyhow here she is.... Joe, Alias Over DaHill Ps-Shoots great.
  4. Well I certainly appreciate all the input, did not intend to start WW3 (LOL). Deep down inside this old man has been a desire for a good AR15, so again thanks for the input. The search begins. Joe
  5. Saw a Mini 14 today that was Sn 186 24xxx, judging by the code, rifle was made in 1993. The rifle was flawless, did not appear to have been shot. The shop is asking $569 for rifle and 5 mags (original, 2x20rds and 2x30rds). I've been wanting another gun and was thinking of a Mini 30 since I have an AK and SKS and ammo that I bought before prices went sky high. I do not have a 223 at this time and hoped that someone on this board could offer experience/advise as to buying this gun or spending a little more and getting an AR something? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  6. Well, I have a couple of worthless, hacked up G3 mags cluttering my workbench, so it is somebody else's turn... Ya mean that it only took 1 minute to f*&^ up the G3 mags? LOL Joe Just looking at posting times of 12:24 and 12:25AM - Sorry no offense intended.... Still LOL!
  7. I replaced my sport style stock on my 16" 308 to the Saiga factory skeleton stock and added a Limbsaver Grind to Fit recoil pad after grinding the end of the stock flat. Since the recoil pad screw holes did not align with new stock holes, I filled the skeleton stock with body filler (a form of epoxy - from a friends body shop), not only did it add a little weight, but also it feels more solid AND balanced when the bipod was mounted. Hope this helps. Joe
  8. This is my first conversion. This is what I will refer to as the end of stage #1. Thanks to Dinzag for his expertise and tools. [a tachment=14791:DSC02494__Small_.JPG]
  9. As a father and grandfather, all I can say is congratulations, holding your child for the first time is a never to forget occasion. Holding your twin granddaughters and a grandson - is even better if you can believe that. May God bless you and your family, and my you continue to experience lifes greatest moments. Joe
  10. Generally, Kel-Tec P-40 that I've 'tricked/slicked out' or Taurus PT-1911. The Taurus is really a nice gun and gets better every time she goes to the range. Joe
  11. You can count me in - if all goes well, I might just buy and gun and ammo! Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Joe
  12. You can't fool me. I'm not paying for "air mail". I'll just ship where and when you want me to and just "overlook" the bill this time. Joe
  13. ???? Tony's got gas, and you want a picture???? Sorry, the devil made me do it! Joe
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