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  1. Wow, these rifles have really gone up! http://www.jgsales.com/saiga-7.62x39-ak47-style-semi-automatic-rifle.-imported-and-converted-by-cai.-new.-p-7043.html
  2. Anyone have info or know of reviews on the FCG by Texas AK Triggers? I not found much info on them. http://texasaktriggers.com/
  3. You really can't get the same pistol for half the dollars in the 1911 game. You will pay same cost as everyone else. It's the way the free market works. I would always get a 1911 pistol with a forged slide and forged frame. Read this, it's full of info on the various makes. http://www.1911addicts.com/showthread.php?511-Buyer-s-guide-for-all-you-1911-addicts...
  4. They are not the same gun as a Kimber or Colt. The metalurgy is different. Cast vs forged steel. Lots of MIM parts. Talk with a gunsmith who builds race guns or enhance the 1911 guns to shoot the 460 Roland. They have info on their websites that will let you know. (http://www.clarkcustomguns.com/rowland.htm#faq) That said, some are happy with them, but I would spend a little more money for a U.S. made 1911 made with better metalurgy.
  5. I am in the process of doing a conversion on my Saiga 7.62x39 rifle. Once the firing mechinism is moved forward, It seems BHO gets in the way of my trigger finger! One could probably accidently stop the gun with this feature. Do most of you guys keep the Bolt Hold Open feature?
  6. I just started my conversion of my Saiga 7.62x39 rifle. Anyone know where I can find info on how to trim and reshape the tab of the BHO lever?
  7. I have the same problem with my conversion. The trigger guard with the grip nut built in is quite expensive....IMO!
  8. First, the cheap Saiga rifles for @260-$300 are gone. They are selling for $400 and more if you can find one. Everyone wants the cheaper rifles. I would probably suggest buying an Arsenal.( link )
  9. My vote goes for the Galil. The Galil have a very good reputation with this supplier,( http://www.classicarms.us/ , Read this supplier's write up on these guns. I bought a gun from him and it was exactly as he described it. Personally, I like the rear peep sights mounted where you need them. Rear peep sights are a very desirable improvement to the AK design as they allow the shooter to better realize the accuracy of the AK rifle. Check out the high dollar Tromix AK rifles and you will see the rear peep sights and improved front sights similar to the Galil. (link) If you don't like the Galil
  10. FWIK, Eastern block ammo and Western block ammo are designed with totally different ideology. Eastern block ammo, FMJ or HP is not engineered or designed to expand. The eastern block ammo has a large air pocket in the nose of the bullet. It upsets, tumbles and goes sideways, sometimes completely reversing. This is what gives the bullet it's effectiveness. It definitely "will not" drill straight through as western block FMJ ammo does. The HP is designated as such to make it a hunting bullet, thus making it legal. It is never the less, pretty much the same as the FMJ bullets. The Wolf MC ho
  11. IMO, one can spend a lot of time and funds looking for a better sighting system for the AK rifles. Most probably will not work as well as you want especially for the money spent. I think a red dot scope.(1) Ultimak with a aimpoint or (2) the new LaRue Red Dot mount w scope are the options that work very well, are fast sighting, and will probably not sit in a drawer or table later. I would probably go with the LaRue Red dot mount.
  12. I have a place outside of town where I keep a few horses and goats. I caught two coyotes stalking a baby goat. I shot the two coyotes from about 40- 50 yards with the .223 and they just spun around in circles biting at the areas where the bullets entered. Eventually they ran off as fast as they came. Now, I had a friend who was hunting hogs with a SKS and I took notice of the wounds/damage the FMJ 7.62 ammo did to the hogs. I bought a AK 7.62 x 39 rifle and when the coyotes came around looking for baby goats, I shot two and they dropped like a rock on the spot. Both were dead when I r
  13. Best to use the correct bullet guide, then modify the cheap magazines/mag catch/etc. Read this:(#3) http://www.dinzagarms.com/downloads/x39_mag_options.pdf
  14. When I first got my AK, I fooled around with peep sights for the Ak with little satifaction compared to the peep sights on my lever action rifles and my AR guns. In my opinion, the peep sights need to be close to the rear of the gun, and quite close to the eye to be most effective. The design of the Ak does not lead to this without extensive work on the receiver cover which has to be made stable but still able to be removed. You can buy peep sights on the receiver cover such as the following. linky-a or linky-b When one replaces the stock rear sight with an aftermarket peek sight, the rear
  15. here is a link to another discussion about the J-tac/Ak74/slant brakes:linky
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