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  1. I'm expecting that before the end of the countdown, he'll try and pull the "indefinate presidency" card that will be supported by his degenerate followers. Hell, he goes against our constitution and the will of "We the People" on a daily basis, so I'm willing to bet this demonic entity has begun the ground work for an eternal presidency agenda, with full support from his kind and his blind sheeple followers. Of course, I'm sure the tinfoil hat will probably show up on my statement. I've been noticing quite a bit lately that just days after the tinfoil hats show up here, the "conspiracy f
  2. Nice find HOG! I friend of mine years agos dad was a Marine in WW2 (Bouganville) that came upon a Jap that brought his rifle up at the same time he did, and his dad got the first draw on the Jap. The bullet hit the Jap's handguard and travelled up and hit the Jap in the face, killing him. He brought the Jap's rifle back and my buddy has it. I saw where the round travelled up the handguard, carving out a groove and you can see the dark colored blood splatter stains all over the stock.
  3. Hoo-Rah! That's one sweet mo-chine Jess!. Went shootin' with a friend of mine today, and I told him I was Up in the air" about building me either a .308 or x'54 Vepr with 20" bbl. I think your post just made my decision. Looks awesome, good job!
  4. quote..." The officer has been relieved of duty and has not worked since the incident"... So I'm guessing this officer, backed by the rogue police union, has probably been relieved with pay. It's unbelieveable how these bad/ rogue cops perform these "above/ beyond the law" actions against the citizens that they are sworn to protect, only to get their actions discovered and get placed on administrative leave or get relieved of their duties WITH PAY!!!! I'm not saying that this particular dirtbag excuse for an officer will get paid, but I'm so sick of hearing about these asshole
  5. I think geographical locale has a lot to do with it. In an already constitutionally broken place like over there, the cops pretty much already know that they will face very little to no resistance from the citizens in those areas. Now, if that same scenaro was played say, here in Montana, I truly believe there would be an extremely fast escalating gurilla war that would happen over here. The people here for the most part are pretty hard core constitutional freedom loving folks, and even though we are very low in population per amount of land in this state, we also have one of the, if not the
  6. Actually, I do remember a member on here a few years ago saying "Give him a chance". I have no idea who it was, and I also remember someone else agreeing with the pro-Ovomit forum member here. Of course, there has been many new members here since, and some members at that time that I haven't heard from since.
  7. He was probably thinking of his daddy's meat saw in the shed, and had a problem trying to picture it on that thing for a replacement handle. Poor fella.
  8. That's gotta be the scariest woman I've ever seen. What really scares me, is I think her weiner might be a lot bigger than mine!!
  9. What kind of tools? Hand tools? Electric? For hand tools, you could wipe them down every other month with a rag soaked with WD-40. Power tools can be put into plastic trash bags, all the way up to contractor sized, with nylon stockings cut in 6" lengths filled with Tydy Cats crystals put into the bags for a cheap and very effective descicant to protect against moisture and rust. What kind of climate do you have these tools in? I know where I live, my tools go through extremes in winter. They can go from below zero to 70 degrees F in less than a half hour when I turn the electric heater on.
  10. Have you ever done any range bowling? I used to have around 6-7 cases of old bowling pins ( 10 per box) that I got from a bowling alley that they were gonna toss out. I lucked out the day I called them, because they had just put the boxes out back by their dumpster, as they received new replacement pins. I used to set up a couple of saw horses with a piece of plywood on top about 4' high, and we would set them up in bowling configuration, and shoot them at various distances with different calibers and keep score, just like bowling. You can also use cut up 4x4's in place of bowling pins, shape
  11. How about "Pin the DHS agents with the Sabots" or "UN Blue Helmet Barrett .50 Bowling".
  12. The American Bald Eagle. The symbol of America, the symbol of freedom. This picture displicts what liberals have done to our symbol, and to our great nation.
  13. Why was he even climbing over the gate in the first place? He could have just gone a foot to his right and walked past it. (LOL!) He should have shifted his nut cup under his ash hole, so he wouldn't have continued to get impailed in his sac the 479 times that I watched him attempting to climb over that gate.
  14. I just wonder if the Miranda rights are read to those who might have been possibly put into "indefinate detention". This illegimate government continues to overstep their bounds on a daily basis by trampling on our first and second amendment rights, and usually without even blinking an eye, and now they're worried about this terrorist's Miranda rights?
  15. This one? You guys are all wrong. That was the Klashnikov Koffee Karrier thermos that the Russians made a production run on back in the late fifties.
  16. OLD GUYS RULE!! I've got three good old(er) friends, two my present neighbors, one former neighbor. One is Korean war, the other Nam', former one Nam. Since my early 20's, I made better friends with my friends ole man's than them. Guess growing up fast will do that. It's truly charishing to hear their stories about everything and anything we talk about, especially when this country was a helluva lot freer than it is today.
  17. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.abc.es%2F20120806%2Fespana%2Fabci-terroristas-juegos-olimpicos-gribraltar-201208061853.html And then they let them go...because no evidence! LOL WTF... http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fnewsru.com%2Fworld%2F27mar2013%2Fespchech.html This sounds like a perfect testing ground for Bunker Busters, MOABs, and Daisy Cutters!
  18. If I was there and they were coming door to door, I would be on top of my roof with a cooler full of donuts, and when they begun to approach my driveway, I would launch donuts with my clay pigeon disk launcher towards the asshole neighbor who lives behind me, in order to create a diversion which would most likely have a "wall" of cops heading for his home, which I'd hope by that time they have forgot to check my place.
  19. "Placed on administrative leave WITH pay." I'm not sure who's lower in life, this cop or the lowlife cop union/ his higher ups who placed him on leave, WITH pay!!
  20. Here's what I believe should be done to these murdering terrorists.The videos should then be sent live on television for other terrorists to view, to show them what will be done to them if they get caught. I believe it would cut terrorism down by a large percent.
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