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  1. +1 I'm by no means a "regular" or "old timer" but joined in 2007, and remember a lot of the big forum happenings. I have met a few members off this site and still contact/follow a few others. This is the first time I've looked in a year+ on here. Unfortunately import laws made the saiga forum dry up. Once upon a Time I checked these forums multiple times a day.
  2. After the initial shock, I was able to laugh about it too. I wouldn't have posted the thread if I couldn't find humor in it. The other purpose was to let folks know that if you lose your stamp or it is destroyed, you have recourse. Just call. I like to think I'm a relatively calm person. But with that said: I think you handled this a WHOLE lot better than I would have.
  3. I have a couple of these stocks made by ATI. MP5K style right side folding. Made for the GSG rifles, but the front adaptor is removable via 2 screws to have a flat surface for whatever project you can think of. I'll be using a similar setup on a subgun. New without packaging $30ea plus shipping
  4. It could be the best designed piece of weaponry ever, but I don't see myself putting my face that close to the chamber. Especially with such a hot round.
  5. I have an actual AOW and put the Raptor grip on it. It definitely reduces felt recoil. Although if one were trying to aim down the barrel, it makes it a little more difficult.
  6. 3-magazines (20 round) and a 4 cell magazine pouch $110 shipped Cash/money order/fam-friend paypal
  7. Wtb regular Suomi stick magazines, not the coffin mags or drums. Let me know what you've got and how much you want for them.
  8. I have no technical insight, but Palmetto State Armory also has a few 9mm AR options. Though they have a reputation of sometimes shipping slow.
  9. http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=8035 Not exactly what you were thinking, but a helluva concept
  10. I don't have the TRP model, but I have an early 2000's loaded full-size. All issues I've had (mostly my own fault), were quickly dealt with by their service department... shipping included. And as far as accuracy and reliability: the gun shoots better than I do, and it doesn't like aluminum cased ammo.
  11. Speaking of Serbu, he has a semi-auto .50 in the works. I believe retail is going to be around $7-8k as well. Another promo picture I seen from him shows he's offering a $900 .50 single shot. The big drawback: screw breech.
  12. I have no experience in the Teflon tape, but I would avoid using it. If for some reason it shredded on threading in, or the in/out movement of adjusting, pieces of tape could possibly (?) plug the ports. IF you feel like you MUST do something there, I'd personally feel safer using teflon paste or anti-seize.
  13. If you're getting into something like that I would assume you "mapped out" the transaction first. My seller offered help if I couldn't find a dealer, but I thought I had found a reputable LGS (didn't work out so well). Money did change hands first. (It was a weird thing buying something that I couldn't take possession of for another 15 months) If for some reason I was not approved, I believe the protocol would have been: my LGS would have had to sell it on my behalf.
  14. I believe most sellers make you pay first. My transaction went (somewhat) as follows: 1. Paid for item 2. seller transferred to local NFA dealer (required ATF approval) 3. Local dealer transferred to me (also required ATF approval) I would think refunds are a case by case, and seller by seller basis. I'm sure most offer SOME type of refund, but I'm also sure there's some type of re-stocking fee
  15. It appears the SGM is about $40-50 shipped anyway, and I told myself if I get any more mags they'll be CSSpecs. I made a wire plug for my factory-5. Works great, but I need more magazines, and projects to keep myself out of trouble. Doesn't look TOO complicated (famous last words). Thanks for the pics CSSPECS.
  16. can anyone provide a picture? I'm curious what I'd be getting myself into, if I were to buy one, to chop down for use as a dedicated waterfowl mag.
  17. time to be a positive thinker: this is the year the Hughes Amendment gets repealed!!!!!
  18. (Excuse me if my timeline of products is off, just the major points that stick out in my memory) I haven't been a fan of S&W since they bowed down to Clinton. Somehow they managed to step-up, change management, and do what was necessary to right their wrong. Then they started making 1911's... and somehow managed to screw THAT up. Excuse my ignorance but the only other company that I've seen able to do that on a MASS level was AMT. So they take care of that issue. Then they stick their dick in a meat grinder with the Sigma, and have issues with "copying Glock". So they fix that and mo
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