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  1. I would bet that the AR15 he used isnt even a bush master. I bet its some other off name brand, but in the reporting one reporter probable said, "its a 223 AR isnt that the same gun as the bushmaster that the DC sniper used?" and then it was decided that it was a bushmaster, thus hinging on peoples memory of the DC sniper incident. name recognition goes a long way. The media is so STUPID when it comes to guns. I cant wait to see a close of that thing and its like an olympic arms etc. then they wouldalways have to say ar-15 rather than bushmaster..
  2. rotortuner

    1000 units

    talked to atlantic today and they only had about 20 left. just an FYI.
  3. I was in almost 4k on the original pre order. this means im down almost 2k on my "investment". Hurts pretty bad. Mike stated at that time he would start out at that price and then raise prices so the "investors" would be able to make some profit for waiting a year +. He cited how AGP introduced mags and then cut prices and he didnt want to do it. I am happy with the product, but this does hurt when your sitting on a lot of these at the old prices. I guess I will have to cost average down. These drums will be stocked away in peoples garages and basements for decades. hahaha CJG
  4. Thats a good looking, well proportioned gun. CJG
  5. 58X and got the call today to send mine in. CJG
  6. rotortuner


    If you guys go to contact him, I think the best way is to write him the email and in the subject line say, "problem with drum" or something like that, it catches his eye over all the other crap. CJG
  7. I fit my drum and inntiialy it was really hard to get the tab to seat fully then i worked it and it seated fully, but now about 500 rounds later it has a little play. Im not worried about it at all and i dont think you should be either. I have some AGP's that have a LOT of play in them and they still fead just fine and continue to function without issues. The MD drum is constructed pretty heavily and i think has less stress on that tab then the long single stack mags do. over time your drum will probably get some more play in it, it doesnt really matter as long as it continues to feed correct
  8. I am number 58X and I got a call the other day asking if i wanted to buy guns or send mine in. i was told it would still be a couple months before they were really ready for mine, but i could send them in now or wait 2-3 months. Any ways, sounds like I am within a couple months. CJG
  9. Is your saiga brand new? If it is, go shoot 100 rounds of the federal through it with the stock 5rnd mag. Most saiga's dont cycle perfect until they have 50-100 shells through it. They bearing surfaces need to break in. I have 6 of these guns and all of them had poor feeding when new, but once they were broke in they all work perfect. I would get your gun to work with the stock 5 rounder. like i said, just run a bunch through it. once that feeds correctly work on getting the 10 rounder to work, followed by the drum last. at least once you start to get the drum working, you will know the gu
  10. Why do you need to talk to him? If you have a problem with billing or something, just wait it out or send an email with "billing problem" and he will take care of it. Or just wait and once your order is ready to ship he will fix it. Like everyone is said, we dont really care if he is hard to get ahold, his product works and if you have problems with the drum, either search on here or post up and we will help you with it. Just think of this like, your buying it right from the manufacturer. Your not buying from a retailer who is going to have a store front, this is like buying it right fro
  11. Your correct i was confused, because i read where "havoc" said he had a failure to eject so i thought that was the issue, but it was a different poster all together. I still would try and break the drum in with a 100 rounds or so and see if it feeds a little faster. maybe try giving the spring like 1/3 more tension. I know its already at 3 turns, but i think mike said he went up to 3 and a half or more and then finally started having problems with reliabilty, 3 and 1/3 should be ok. if still no go, then you need the gun fixer gas nob to regulate the gas down, that will bring the carrier cyc
  12. Run 3 or 4 full drum loads of the cheap walmart bird shot through and then try the buckshot again. After you try that, if it still does it you might try backing the spring off 1/3 or 2/3 then try again with the buckshot. CJG
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