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  1. Jugg , I guess the vent slot and no slots . It would be nice if they came out with breacher spikes at the end of the vent slots.
  2. Nathan , When will you have Poly - Choke II again? Thanks Jesse
  3. I ordered them on 8-15-07 I didn't know that mine were the first order.
  4. Guys , Where can I buy some 40 cal magazine for Vector 94/40 ? Thanks
  5. Yes just keep watching Mike website here MD Arms where it said NUMBER AVAILABLE : good luck.
  6. I have a Springfield TRP Operator and love it but too big for conceal carry.
  7. well Noob you are correct , your words are too big for my vocabulary . by the way do you like pie? so ok you cancelled your order what else do you want?
  8. and the bitching still go on and on and on like a Eveready wabbit .
  9. It must be nice to be able to give a good first hand report like that Tony. That is something I have longed to be able to do myself for a LONG TIME, but instead all I get to do is be the bad guy and try to keep all these whining assholes from taking over this whole forum. Mike, for reasons I'm still trying to figure out, has chosen to stop talking to me and let Tony be the bearer of all good news. All I get to do is spread the same old bad news and be everyone's enemy....Thanks Mike. Tony = HERO Cobra = ? Cobra I still love you man. he he he really Thanks for putting up with us.
  10. Cameron , I want one tri rail when it become available.
  11. It is just a joke guy.
  12. Just bought one today good article I am glad I bought my S12 I forsee it be coming expensive in the future. here is what Steve malloy said at the end of his writing " After educating myself on the positive aspects of KCI-converted Saiga12 AK-47 type shotgun, I would not hestate to use it for duty or home protection ."
  13. Get a rail from Gunfixr . Gunfixr rail
  14. Thats easy, to release the meat pull the fucking trigger!
  15. The options listed above are setup so you can buy what ever part of the rail you can afford at the time, so if at first you only buy the bottom rail because thats all you have the money for, then later you can buy the vented rails or top rail when you have more money. I come up with concept at the rail design stage to help people break the cost up a little, plus you can get two really cool setups this way! I am glad you do it that way so if someone don't want the top rail can just buy the bottom rail . Thanks for doing that.
  16. I'll wait for a three rails bottom.
  17. People who complain about .44 mag need to try .500 magnum.
  18. Tight fit I like . Welcome aboard. How about making some affordable picatinny rail handguards Cameron?
  19. He is probably busy with his new baby.
  20. USP40

    Factory Mags

    I don't think Tony selling them anymore. I think Mississippi Auto Arms has them in stock now. I have a feeling Tony sent the ones he didn't sell from the first run over there... Thanks Glocker you testless you(your avarta)
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