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wire folding stock on 12ga, painful?

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really like the folding function and appearance of this stock,its one of the few no cut folders that does not need a massive block, the style is very appropriate to eastern block weapons, the magpul and other modern bits always look out of place to me on an AK, but to each his own.


but something tells me its not a fun ride behind a 12ga. but who knows maybe the flexing wire helps out?


any experience? go ahead and tell me I am an idiot for even thinking about it!



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Worked now. That kind of stock I would think would look better on a smaller rifle, possibly an SBR but on something as chunk as an S12 it would look rather silly in my estimation.

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I have used one of those for a while. The roundness of the top and bottom of the butt reduces the contact area and causes it to bring the pain. The triangle folder is actually much less pain inducing. Having said that, give it a whirl and se for yourself.

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OK I think I have a plan, I really like the wire folder but i think you guys are right not a good fit for the saiga 12, so I think the folder is going on my WASR, the Romanian surplus laminated stock that is on the WASR can move to the saiga along with the US palm PG, I have an original plum Bakelite PG that can go on the WASR.


I have a Texas AK double hook trigger group  and some AGP gen2 mags I picked up in 2011, if I am doing the math right even with com-block furniture all I need is a US muzzle device to 922R comply, I think I am going to try my hand at re-using the sporter safety stop and  trigger guard.


Its going to be ugly with a laminate butt stock, brown PG and black for-end but it should be functional, I bought my Saiga 12 almost a decade ago shot it once and tore it down for conversion, that was 3 kids ago, never have had the budget/time to get it there.

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I did it on my first build because it was the only stock I had at the moment. Not too terrible with birdshot, downright painful with Buck.


Eventually, I cut the tang, installed an ace adapter and put a crutch stock on there with a limbsaver pad on it and everyone enjoys shooting it now.


FWIW I use those wire folders on all my Saiga rifles and I prefer them to any other stock. I don't consider myself "Recoil Sensitive", but on my S-12 with buckshot, it made me start flinching after the 2nd pull. On the other hand, I could be turning into a sissy in my old age. YMMV.......

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I was marketing and sales for Tome Cole, and I have shot "the beast:" a number of times.


I am 6-3 200 and with 3" cannon rounds, it did knock the heck out of me. I DID like the 12" full choke barrel and the lightness of it. accuracy was not bad,


i would prefer that configuration now with a 13.5-14" barrel with that stock for the extra weight


the beast knocked quite a few people back, including myself.


oh btw, put a front pistol grip on it and use it, dont use the mag as a grip for your off hand...you have to manage recoil with that stock or it will tear you a new asshole


i dont come around much., and i do apoligise for taking so long to reply.



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