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OK, Happy Fourth Boys, if you haven't been able to afford it now its time for you. Its a completely free conversion, Or Redo your Home or Botched Conversion.


The conversion includes.


Receiver being machined at proper degree of angle and back plate Professionally Tig welded, smoothed and blended, you will not be able to see where the receiver ends and the plate begins.


TAC Modified G2 FCG machined, and custom fit and polished all contact surfaces for a crisp smooth pull.


install trigger guard.


Function service and gas service, Gas block aligned as required. “TACTRITION SERVICE”.


Machine your Bolt and Carrier


Holes TIG welded and blended. “ You will never know they were there”


Sandblasted with aluminum oxide .


Professionally Parkerized and Teflon Coated


Customer Needs to purchase or provide Saiga 12.


We will provide all parts needed, at an extreme discount.


All you have to enter is to Post I want a Free Conversion, or im in ect, in this thread, and What your doing for the Fourth of July.


Contest will last aprox 48 hours you have today and tomorrow, at 12:01 AM on the morning of the 6th if there has been no posting more than 8 hours it will end, but if there is a post within 8 Hours contest will reset ending every time the last post is refreshed for another 8 Hours, to be fair and give everyone a chance. Contest will end on the 6th or 8 Hours after the last post which ever one is later. A video drawing will be posted following to show the winner, you must claim your conversion with in 48 Hours or the drawing will be held again. Thanks again for this Forum and all you guys do to help this Community. Happy Fourth of July. I am Proud to be an American.



PS: there will probably be some free parts given away as well. Just post and you will find out. Give your Buddy's a Chance and Share it on Facebook.



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Winners     OK, Happy Fourth Boys, if you haven't been able to afford it now its time for you. Its a completely free conversion, Or Redo your Home or Botched Conversion.   The conversion inclu

Next one is Going to be a Complete Gun Give away.   Make sure you like us on FaceBook to get the Advance Notice.

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Good Luck everyone... I have mine converted already, so no need to be greedy and take a spot from someone who has not...


My Fouth of July plans are simply going ot the range, and lighting of my fireworks in the form of 12ga, 5.56, .338, .40, and more!


Happy Fourth everyone! And thanks for the contest...

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I'm glad I checked the forum before taking off. I just came in from outside making sure " Old Glory " wasn't wrapped up around the pole from the wind. Yes, I want a free conversion. We're heading down to the Wounded Warriors Fisher House at Ft. Sam Houston to viist the guys. My daughter started book drives and deliveries about 3 years ago to help, out so we're off to take this batch off books and say hello. Being it's July 4th it's a good day to do so. After that time to bar-b-que! Chicken and pork ribs with all the trimmings. The family is coming over so it should be fun. A buddy of mine ( I recently converted him into a Saigan - he now has a 12. ) may also be coming over. I hope everyone has a great 4th !

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I Want A Free Conversion, I'm in.


You guys do great work, and this is a great offer from one of the best builders out there


Went shooting at Hotwells, and was surprised when they said all veterans were free today.

Spending the rest of the day with the gf, kids, & the dogs.


Happy July 4th.


Thanks for the contest.

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I want the free conversion , im all in . Happy 4th to all , im working today . i bought a converted 12 from classic arms , added the auto plug but gun will not eject casings , gas leak somewhere , maybe need some new pistons.............christoph

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I want a free conversion for my son.......


We are celebrating our freedom in this great country......grilling steaks.....swimming......and making a full auto airsoft mini gun (buying parts today)


Awesome offer TAC 47 INDUSTRIES!!!!!!!


Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th

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All I can say is that "free" is about all I can afford. My Saiga 12 is still in "sporting mode" and I'd love to show it off with all the mods outlined. About a dozen friends with family will meet at my house today for a potluck dinner. I'm supplying the heat, currently 102 degrees, and cold drinks. Looks like the traditional 4th of July fare will be shared by all: Hot dogs, hamburgers, but pretty sure there won't be steaks this year. It is hot, dry, and the only thing really diggin' the heat is the tomato plants. I've seen some sparse times come and go, but this new era of self-imposed austerity beats them all. This 4th of July will be my opportunity, and that of my friends and family, to appreciate what we do have, and offer our best wishes to those who have less. There will be no political rants, no fits of outrage to blame someone else for the way things are. Just a prayer for the strength to come out the other side a better father, husband, and citizen. Happy 4th to all!

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I want a free conversion - what an awesome and geerous offer!


I'm hanging out with the family, enjoying some back yard grilling waiting for it to get dark so I can fire off some more Super Breakers from my Spike's Havoc / Kaos!


Here's a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgVFBNiKvss&list=UU9Vusi9LIpI5FvfecBeMk4A&index=1&feature=plcp


And some action from last night:


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I'm waaaaaaaay in! Thanks for the chance Tac!


activities: family, BBQ, pool, fireworks, the good kind, the mortars launched from PVC pipe at the flip of a switch using Estes rockets igniters, a home brew switch box and a car battery. Did I mention drinking?

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