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Vepr Accuracy

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I installed a POSP 6x scope on my bone-stock 16 inch Vepr. The scope is quite big and makes the rifle heavy and ungainly, good for precision work but I wouldnt want to drag this out anywhere. Honestly I have been having some second thoughts based on other folks reports and the fact that I wont be able to install one of the Sabrewerks scope mounts on it. But I wanted to be able to do some accuracy testing to see if the Vepr is any better than the Saiga.

I am shooting this at about 85-90 yards, prone using a small garbage pail for a rest, so not the most stable but good enough. I started with the Ukrainian 69 not-so-non-corrosive; not bad shot about 3.1". I tried Wolf 60 HP - about 2.5", not as good I hoped. All of this was about as good as my Saiga. I was going to try some Wolf 55 grain but remembered that I had a box of Hornady 60 grain ammo. I was quite amazed to see about a 0.9" group when I measured this back inside. The Vepr can hang in there! In fairness I should try the Siaga with the Hornady ammo too.

If this site would let me post an imageshack pic, I would post that.

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I did far worse with my vepr. I found it difficult to get anything under 3 inches.


Thats pretty mediocre, I would be quite dissapointed too. What little reviews on accuracy I see all have dissapointing results, for a rifle thats over one pound heavier than a standard AK. What ammo did you try, and did you use a scope?

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70 grain FMJ uly, Vmax, and 7n6. 100 yards just front sand bag and 4x24 posp. The trigger might be a little much for me but I have shot several sub 2 inch groups with a variety of ammo in my SGL31 with both the the Arsenal trigger and G2. The best Group with the vepr I got was about an inch and a half a 50 yards. I wasn't able to make shotgun shell boxes dance at 100 yards as well as I do with my 74 also. This was a 20 inch version 2 vepr. I'm sure with some work on fundamentals and the gun it's accuracy could have been better but I did not have much patient nor was I optimistic. It was sold and I decided to stick with just well built AK74's.


BTW 5 shot groups in my sgl under 2 inches. Even some of my 3 shot groups with the vepr were like 6 inches.


Take this somewhat with a grain of salt. I am a young untrained/self trained shooter but an avid AK gunner.

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Brass cased ammo is going to give you the best results. Steel cased ammo is just not able to get as good of a seal in the chamber, and accuracy is not as good.


I can get just over 1 MOA with my 223 using reloads and sub MOA with factory brass cased ammo.


I do not know if there are sources for 5.45 brass cased ammo, but if there are I would try brass case ammo.

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Did a couple 2" groups today while sighting in the V2 w/ an Aimpoint micro on an RS regulate mount.  Used a Caldwell front rest and 7N6 ammo.  Didn't take pics so you will just have to take my word for it.  The dot perfectly covered the 4 moa bullseye diamond, so it help me center in on it.

Oh yeah, was @ 100 yds.

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There are so many variables to consider if your trying to compare the two similar rifles.


Shooter, ammo, weather, build quality of each rifle, etc.


I can land all my shots on a target the width of my front sight post, with iron sights, at 50 yards with wolf military classic.


I would expect similar results with a good scope and better ammo at 100+ yards.


Very happy with my Saiga 5.45 accuracy.

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