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Well it's been a good run, but it looks like the GT at SGA is about gone.  Cases show 0.  13 half cases and some 100rd lots.

 kind of anticlimactic.  Golden Tiger has been in stock at SG ammo for a good time now. Just now to sell out very slowly.


What was the meaning of your post?  did you drop by to panic buy at the last minute and didn't realize they have had it in stock for over 2 years now pretty consistently?

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GT has been in stock since Sep.  Not 2 years but almost a year.  I've bought several cases during that time.  I've even shot a case instead of just hoarding it all.


Last month Sam said in an email that stock was getting low on x39 and the next shipment was going to be 5.56 so I've been keeping an eye on it.  Earlier today I noticed the cases were 0.  So I posted here in case anybody might want to snag some last minute.

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Yet another case ordered. Reward for 22 days Copenhagen free and acting like an ass to my wife. On second thought maybe I should have bought her something for putting up with me for the last three weeks.



Man I wish I could quit. Kudos and much respect to you for it. Just a piece of advice if you don't mind. Never, ever, under any circumstances "bum" a dip off a friend. You will end up at the store with a can. I quit for 2 years and it only took one dip for me to be right back at it. 


And I wish I could order another case, but I just took the plunge and bought a WASR. Friend who is an FFL had one for 550. I cant believe that is a good deal on a WASR, but what the hell. I have been dying to put plum furniture on an AK, and that will be what this one is for.

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I just ordered 1000 rounds of .22wmr from another online vendor since SGAmmo hasn't stocked any in months/years..

But next payday I'll be ordering a bunch of .308 from SGAmmo, they're my go to source for ammo online.

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It's being hinted at that GT has changed the powder decreasing the fps and likely slower burning also.

Anyone clocked these yet?


Main points for it was the sealing and running hot and fast with less flash, that seems gone but yall let us know.

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