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  1. Price lowered to $460 shipped. Stock XPS2-0 cost between $440-480. This has the accu-cam and flip up covers. GG&G offers this at a $100 up charge. So please stop informing me that you can get it for $440 shipped from another website. Thanks.
  2. Selling this b/c I just bought a used 553 Model and I over extended myself in doing so. I originally bought this to be mounted on my TWS Rail for my AK. Unlike the 512 Model I had on it originally had on it, the battery pack sticks over too far and ejecting rounds were stove piping into it causing serious jams on my rifle. So it's back to the "slender" model. This Eotech is in excellent condition. Glass is like new, some handling marks on the body. It comes with the original case, manuals, and paper work. In addition, it has the GG&G Accu-Cam and front and rear pop-up lens covers.
  3. anybody have anything?
  4. Pictures are nice. The trigger guards are removed b/c if you read the description he is using after market trigger guards.
  5. Cameron, the rail will fit on the 5.45 and it does so very well.
  6. I'm getting into AR building. Hopefully it will become part of a career path for me. I just bought some AR tools and slowly collecting stuff to start off cheap. I'm looking for parts you are willing to part with. I don't want to pay retail or really even close to it as I need to lose as little money as possible when I resell the rifles. I need to gain confidence in this and that means building, shooting, selling. Parts most interested in: Barrels Stripped uppers Barrel Parts ***Stripped lowers (if in the state of PA. I'll provide necessary documentation but I could deal with an FFL
  7. check out CNC warrior. That will have everything you need. I had the same problem and that's what I went with.
  8. I swapped out gas tubes to make the look more natural and get rid of the gaps. The fit and finish is amazing on these. No sharp edges and just a natural sex appeal to it. I have one on my 5.45 and an extra one waiting for my 7.62x39 to be finished curing (Alumahyde II OD Green)
  9. Id's say drill and install a sling swivel stud on it. The Spring tensioned bipods from Walmart (Winchester) or a Harris would do nicely.
  10. Depends on what you have for hand guards. Do you have rails or polymer/wood hand guards?
  11. Take a gander at aim surplus. They have the RS AKM mount with a Vortex strikefire for only $250.
  12. Understandable. I'm going to ask though, did you consult the instructions on Chaos's website prior to installation? Prior to starting any project you have to know that you have the tools to complete it. I only say that b/c I too have made mistakes that I assumed SHOULD be right. I rounded out a Torque screw b/c it clearly looked like a torque but was really something called an IP screw. Had to send my entire rifle back to Savage and wait for them to replace the screws on my dime since I bought it second hand. I hope it works out for you, bud. Keep your head up. Every now and then we all get to
  13. My Saiga 7.62 rail used standard sizes not metric. On the install instructions it gives you the sizes you're supposed to use. 7/64 is the size. edit: here is the link http://www.chaosus.com/saiga_762_pdf.pdf
  14. I bought the peep sight. I only used it once b/c when my eotech was on it was rather useless since it is so short. However, without re-zeroing the AK was hitting 10inch steel plates at 100m. I saw a guy on here take his 5.45 saiga and put flip up BUIS on the TWS and the front rail. I asked how they worked out but he hasn't responded.
  15. Save up some money on the side and put in a camera above your door. They don't cost much and are well worth it. Gives you piece of mind and positive ID to beat the stupid out of scum bags. Sorry your stuff got jacked.
  16. I wanted to go with a 5.56 brake, as it made more sense to do, but to keep it simple and cheap I did the J-Tac47 by PWS... I'd rather have the FSC556.
  17. Here in Beaver, Pa (north of Pittsburgh) most of the time. My Guard unit is in Carbondale though.
  18. Aside from getting it refinished, I completed it Monday with the addition of the Chaos rail. ACE 7.5 Skeleton stock with Button Folder Chaos Saiga Rail ACE grip adapter with MOE K+ grip RS AKM with Vortex Strikefire Krebs safety lever Troy modular vertical grip PWS J-Tac47 muzzle brake Bulgarian gas tube
  19. You may not speak for MAA, but I do appreciate you're investigative work. It helps a lot. I had owned a .308 briefly but due to cost and lack of parts I just couldn't keep it and feel I could rely on it for years to come (SHTF).
  20. Are you sure? Don't believe the tracking until you wait till today to get it. It happened to me. P.O said they delivered it, tracking said they delivered it, but they didn't (it was an order from CSS as well, maybe it's the click and ship system.). Next day they then delivered it to the wrong place. I finally got it two days later. Hold that frown until you know for sure.
  21. He does good work. He has done the conversions of 7 of the 9 Saigas I've owned, and that's only b/c I sold two before they were converted.
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