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  1. Anybody ever think we should clean up our own neighborhood before we take on the other side of the city. You would think all the human rights progressives would be screaming about the starving Venezuelan population. I guess they don't want to highlight another failed socialist experiment.
  2. Yeah. But of particular I retest to me was the lack of a rear iron sight, wrong mag (looks like a 5.45 to me) and backwards mou Ted bipod.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1042178205925942&id=660987424045024
  4. Deleted original response. Wasn't relevant after I read the whole post. So are you looking for a Tanfoglio or a CZ?
  5. HB don't starve yourself either! It's not just eating less. Make sure you have enough protein esp. You body can consume muscle mass for energy to so some minor lifting wouldn't hurt. On topic regular GameDay food but in the ICU waiting area. Close family friend has a pulmonary embolism followed by 3 cardiac arrests. 22 years old. They are cutting her skull off right now due to swelling.
  6. Aha! I know what your talking about. Those seem like alot of excess bulk to me. But to each their own. ETA My wife has one of their purses. I can say that it is actually very nice quality. Leather is thick but soft. Even if they don't carry would be a good gift for a spouse. V-Day is fast approaching.
  7. You mean appendix style? That was quite a long winded way to say it lol. I've never used one but will let you know how it works out whenever it shows up.
  8. looks great! what mag adapter do they use?
  9. Bought a CZ P07 9MM. and then ordered a t-rex arms holster for AIWB. Lost 40 pounds since a started carrying and my 1911 stands out like a whore in church. also ordered a replacement dog paw ffor my remington 11-48.
  10. Bought a rossi r92 in 357mag to match my security six. A fluff and buff to the action and it runs as smooth as anything else I tried at the LGS.
  11. Just kill him. One shot to the head or hang him. Moral high ground etc.
  12. You could try finding a Rock Island, they make one in 9mm, but might be 450 or so, not sure on msrp
  13. I read through that thread. It fucking disgusts me. Not just what he said he was going to do, but the fact that there were people telling him to do, and now some are damn near worshiping him. I never liked 4chan, I think it's a cesspool for degenerates, and this just makes it that much more evident.
  14. So I'm gonna need heavier tackle. Found a big shark last night just after dusk, ripped the sand spike out of the ground and dragged my pole down the beach. I caught the pole before it got wet but whatever fish it was ran out All of my line, about 350 feet of 30lb mono, and then it broke near the leader, I don't fish a ton but I have never felt something like that...
  15. Snapper blue fish. Medium fishy taste to em pretty good. Not alot of meat on this one. Wouldn't have kept him but he swallowed the hook and wouldn't have lived anyways.
  16. Went "fishing" multiple times. Waiting for the tide to change to go fishing.
  17. Yeah that's the truth red don't know what she she's but it must be good. Honey do list so far is buy a house and fix it up. On our way to NC for our honeymoon stopped in VA for the night. Yeah surprisingly enough there is some great scenery in CT, even in gun wavin new haven where that park is.
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