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  1. Carolina Shooters Supply has Surefire 2 rounders in stock for $29.95..I have one and it works without a hitch....I polished the bolt and it will do 2+1
  2. 23,041..but I feel better now cause xjumper is OLD!
  3. Any guy who has the patience to wait two years to fire a new gun DEFINITELY has the patience to convert one!
  4. We have an organization here in west Virginia called "WV Citizens Defense League".. CDL is primarily concerned with protection of self defense/concealed carry laws here in our state, but has grown to be a voice for us in all state gun legislation. We have a representative at all legislature hearings, and a group "Legislature Lobby" day. NRA`s deal with Pelosi would throw groups like CDL under the bus..to save their own ass. Last time we even saw NRA reps here was when Heston showed up to stump for Gee Dub Ya..and thats been a while.
  5. Chickens at 200 offhand is the first round in BPCR......Which allows me to prove just how bad an offhand shot I am. From 200 to five hundred im ok sitting..Beyond that I much prefer prone. For deer hunting I like sitting..mainly cause it keeps me from "fidgeting" so much.
  6. Pauly, Not sure what level experience you have so forgive me if this is too basic..Ive hunted and killed deer with recurve, longbow, and a compound. By far the most enjoyable hunting for me was with the long bow. But there are a couple basics I felt should be mentioned...The longer a bow the more "forgiving" it is. The trend in modern compounds is shorter and shorter. No matter what type bow you get be absolutely positackly sure you match the arrows to the draw weight of the bow...If you buy the best equipment on the market and use under or over spined arrows they will not shoot worth a h
  7. It is ironic that voices from the northland are now being raised in anger over government that wants total control of their lives....A mere 150 years after crushing the people of the South for saying it would happen. I can only say..Deo Vindice!
  8. My fellow Amuricans..I wish to announce that if nominated I will not accept, and if elected I will not serve, as your squirrel czar. LBJ (PS) It has come to my attention that there are more than enough squirrels in this town already.
  9. Arik, I dont have experience with Paras, but generally what I have heard has been very positive. My experience is with 1911 in general. Between my son and I we have owned in the neighborhood of seven or eight 1911`s and for every negative I list someone else will add a positive. My carry gun is an older Springfield Champion. It is simple, rugged, and shoots well. The first and probably foremost drawback to any 1911 is weight. Your 1911 "Mega Blaster Special" does you no good if its at home on the night stand cause you didnt want the weight with what you were gonna wear...And on a
  10. Once I was bitten by the "Sharps bug",(Shiloh Number 3 Sporter) my muzzle loading dropped off a lot, but still use a 54 "flinchlock", a 36 turkey and squack rifle, and a repro 1858 Remington. I use Goex in all of em..I cant speak to the performance of Swiss..Ive never used it, but it has a heck of a reputation so must be good stuff. Goex burns well when compressed, and I make my own bullet lubes so fouling has not been a problem.
  11. I wanted to do a "temporary" conversion so I could try turkey hunting with my S-12 next week..Then do a total home defense conversion later. I already had two AR butt stocks lying around..an Ace skeleton, and an original A2. I used the Mako and it worked..BUT.. It is made of plastic and you will do a lot of "fitting"...Took forever to get it that last 1/16 of an inch to fit against the back of the receiver. The biggest issue by far was when it came time to install the buffer tube...Be VERY cautious here. It is very easy to get it cross threaded. Also it gets so hard to turn you hav
  12. This has probably been covered in some previous thread..but Im totally inept at finding old threads. It has been over a year since my last conversion.. so I used Moe`s excellent pictorial guide to refresh my memory. I was doing a very basic "trigger/buttstock" conversion so I could use the gun during our spring gobbler season. Things went fine till I got to removing the trigger guard. Moe said to bend the trigger guard up enough to allow drilling out the rivet underneath. I bent the trigger guard up and ..SNAP..broke off just ahead of the bend. If someone else is going to try tha
  13. When I was a kid it was sop to tell kids that if something bad happened to run to a cop. The town I live in is so small the "welcome to" and "come back soon" is on the same sign. (pop. 2000) But our "police force" dresses as if they are going on a swat operation in the next five minutes...Would I tell a kid to run to them? Hell I would think twice before I approached them. And they seem to like it that way. i know policemen have a tough job in todays world..but if you dress and carry yourself as if you are a member of a military op, dont expect the average citizen to to feel all warm a
  14. Hobby and Nalioth..Thanks guys. I hadnt thought about the change in grip. My son has got to deer hunt with me some the last few years, but this will be the first spring gobbler season he has been able to come to camp and hunt with me...I want to let him use my "old faithful" Ive used the last twenty or so years. This S12 will eventually be totally redone..including rust blued..to be my primary HD gun. Who knows..if this works out I may have an excuse for yet another S-12..Thanks again.
  15. Bounty..Sorry I was slow answering your "comment"..Im STILL learning my way around this thing. Indeed, our ancestors make us brothers.

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