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  1. Wishing the very happiest of birthdays to my Sandi girl and what an AWESOME present the American voters just stepped up and gave her and all of us! Hopefully a good start to making up some for the most rotten B Day present she ever got on this day in 2008. Here's to a new beginning and first step to taking our country back from the Libtardian Democrapper party! Evl it sounds like you are also celebrating!
  2. If that's as fast as it will run I have a (modified) factory Saiga 7.62x39 trigger that I would put up against it any day. Which BTW is a TRUE drop in FCG that doesn't require a PG conversion or shooting with no TG lol....
  3. Wonder how long this kind of thing will still be around... http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/tac-cons-new-ak-ar-triggers/
  4. Love me a good pig pickin' and the ones cooked the old school way in the ground are the best.
  5. and in case you don't take Chili's advise, allow me to elaborate on how to at least check your work. (these instructions are written with the assumption your not stupid enough to use a loaded weapon for this) Set your hammer in the fire position with the safety in the OFF/FIRE position. Wrap the butstock of your weapon with a soft cloth to protect the finish and smack the shit out it with a rubber mallet. If the hammer drops, THROW AWAY THE FCG, AND START WITH A NEW ONE. Repeat this test from the muzzle end, again from top or the sight block, then from below the sight block, left and right
  6. Yeah blah blah ... not the way I was planning on showing it off as a reply to a thinktank of wishful thinking...lol. You'll see it in due time...
  7. LOL funny you should say that Jim.... Already got one of them can ya guess what kind of snake I'm using?
  8. Yes that was me posting pics of the rusty springs in two mags self destructing. I was on the phone with their warranty department yesterday in fact, asking if they could please send me a replacement back plate for a 20 round drum I have with broken tabs, I inquired also about the two mags I have that are useless without springs. They said they fixed that issue with the springs and could send me the replacement springs no problem. They also said they will send a whole new drum if I return the one with broken tabs. I am glad they are honoring their lifetime warranty. As far as function goes the
  9. Just pick up on the front end of it behind where it goes over the top of the hammer pin. Hold it up while pushing the pin R-L. The spring will then fall to the floor of receiver.
  10. Take out the retainer spring or plate and they will push out easily. You don't even need to use a hammer.
  11. As opposed to having an "enclosure" of a weapon platform, I've always been a much bigger fan of unique custom made bullpups. I takes some imagination and fabrication but to me it's far more worth it in the end having something unique.
  12. Over the years I tried really hard to make sure I owned at least one of every model Saiga they imported here. Until the 030 & 040 came out I did just that with one exception, that fugly .30-06 thing. Then I was on a 1.5 year waiting list for the first real 030's that never made it over here. After I got my refund back from that I invested in one of the first Vepr 12's and decided to make it as much like the 030 I had wanted as I could. Still need to install my poly Izzy folding stock and maybe pick up a railed gas block but I no longer have a need for the magwell S-12s other than to have o
  13. Well yeah definitely that would be bad. Ya should have mentioned that before. I thought mine was poly just because it was one of the first ones in. In that case drilling out and replacing it with a normal steel rivet would be the best route unless there's enough thickness left to drill & tap for a cap head screw.
  14. Thanks guys I've been thinking of doing my personal one like that on my Vepr 12 because it is the loosest most wobbly gas piston I've ever seen in a Saiga, Vepr, or any AK. It has well over 1/8" of movement up and down at the end. I decided to just keep on shooting it as a test to see if it will finally crack or cause another problem. If it cracks I can always fix it then. It's getting a full power workout now while getting ready for deer season and fixin' to start killing em after this Sat. Couple of pics sighting scope in on a target shot at 25 yds, and again after 50 & 100 yds using
  15. I was measuring from the top and spanning the hole as in the pic here. After double checking that the caliper was flat across the hole the measurement was actually .429 on mine. Welding to add steel would probably be fine as these carriers are extremely hard actually and any wear would be insignificant if it's rounded and polished smooth. I also polish that surface on my bolt carriers to help even more with friction reduction. As far as the wobbly piston, I have Tig welded them directly to the carrier, covering the threads, as well as installing a steel pin through the carrier and
  16. it's ok to smooth it out by polishing it but you don't want to remove very much or your LRBHO will be more unreliable. I smoothed and polished the one on my Vepr 12 to .421" and it still serves it's purpose without making the gun so finicky on optic placement, yet is still keeping the carrier from hopping over the BHO. YMMV and all that...
  17. Heheh like not even! rare as hen's teeth they are!
  18. The guns that were imported in '98 - 2000 by Kalashnikov USA came with these slings or they were sold by the importer. I have their old catalog here somewhere. I have two of those S-12s and both came with these awesome slings. One has the same stamp in the leather the other has the made In Russia stamp on the back. Then two more of my older import guns have the same style Russian slings without the K-USA sewn into them. Don't see too many of them but they do occasionally come up for sale on the forums.
  19. The difference that probably effects it most is the added over sized rivet in the Vepr's hinged dust cover near the front. It's purpose is to keep downward pressure on the carrier so it doesn't hop over the bolt stop.
  20. I have a buddy with a really sweet one he's trying to sell. I know how sweet the action is because I reworked all the internals myself when I helped him convert it. PM me if interested, he's looking to sell or trade for an AR 10 I believe.
  21. Oh well if you didn't send the FCG before then hell yes. Send em both together so I can tune em as one unit and test em.
  22. How short is the barrel? (as measured off the bolt face). It's very possible with a well profiled BCG & FCG like you have to go as short as 11" and still be able to cycle light loads without having to move the gas system. I've done it.
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