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  1. I asked my wife if it was ok if i post what I got for christmas and with a red face and a smile she said "no". So I won't post that I got some wang dang sweet poontang!
  2. Merry Cristmas To you all! That means you too Bigb Guy!, where ever your at!
  3. I kept thinking bass ackwards on how the safety functions.
  4. AHHHHH I'm on a role here. When I read your post Jack, I thought , it can;t be that simple. I use to be able to answer most of the questions that came up on here. And there were times when I did.Way back when... A lots happened since then. A stroke and many other things... I kind of feel like a real goofball. Thanks for all your patience. I looked at that over and over and it just didn't registar. Again thanks to you all/ yall! Bless you in Jesus name! Good answer! I got tired of being stuck a few days ago and bent the pin retiaing plate enough to take everything out.
  5. Just compared it to another 7.62x39mm. The difference I see is that this older one is a little longer on inside part.. niether function corectly...
  6. AHHHH "hand to head"your correct. When I move the safety lever downward from "safe" position, the safety is engaged just before the lever on the outside gets to the half way in between safe and fire. If forced to go further, the inside part travels rearwar and comes off the trigger. Then the end of the lever drops down lower than the end of the trigger so I cannot move the lever back to "safe" without taking parts out...
  7. Looking for a way to end up with proper functioning safeties on several models. I don't have a welder. What's everyone else doing to get there's working right? I'd like to start with the 7.62x39mm. Using a G2 FCG, the angle is off on the lever... When the lever is in safe position, inside part moves to far rearward and off trigger...anyone offer them as a drop in part ? Thanks
  8. I think of bull barrel as being for sitting at a bench. Although a heavy barrel would make for more of a mobile precicion rig.
  9. Was wolf military classic using the same123 gr hollow point bullit that brown bear 123 gn hp uses?
  10. Sounds good. Thanks for your replies. Wonder who round here has high round count with theirs... Be interesting to here from them also...
  11. Reminds me of the old "bolo rounds" for for 12 Guage...
  12. Been out a while, how well does it hold zero when being opened and closed and the other things it was suppose to do when it came out??? Where is a good place to order one for a saiga 7.62x39...
  13. That" I just plugged some bowling pinns smile at the end of the video is priceless..
  14. Any teaser pics? You know, the kind that make grown men cry?
  15. If I remember right, they were originally made from stainless steel.
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