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  1. I have one on my Vepr .308., Mine fit fine.
  2. scarbrough68289

    VEPR w/Integrated Sights

    I recently saw someone on the Vepr forum make an adapter for the TWS using a mill to fit the integrated sites. I sent the page to my gunsmith to see if he could make one for my Vepr .223. http://vepr.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1758&sid=6796170067eece56dc602f6471916ff3
  3. Ordered a Vepr .223 16" square back Version 2/Integrated sights and Vepr12 w/ welded folder. Managed to snag them the night of the ban before the prices jumped up. Also got a Archangel AK buttstock to tryout, MFT Handguard and MFT Engage grip and CSS Lower handguard adapter to swap out for the rough wood. Haven't settled on FCG and muzzle brake/Flash hider. Will probably get Definitive Arms magwell added to take the PMAGS I already have tons of at a later date.
  4. The MDT LSS chassis for the MVP is pretty sweet.
  5. scarbrough68289

    WOW..All Vepr12 Shotguns Sold out After OBAMA Sanctions

    ,,,,,,,gave in and bought the Vepr12 too.
  6. scarbrough68289

    looking to buy Vepr-12

    The Prophet Mullet Man!
  7. scarbrough68289

    WOW..All Vepr12 Shotguns Sold out After OBAMA Sanctions

    I had one in the cart last night at Mach1, didn't pull the trigger. This morning it was $899. I managed to grab a .223 Vepr from another retailer though. I already have the Saiga12 and regret not also buying the Vepr12. I really wanted to get a 7.62x54R eventually too.
  8. Krebs UFM Keymod forearm for my Vepr .308 and a BCMGUNFIGHTER Short vertical Grip(Keymod model)
  9. scarbrough68289

    Definitive Arms 308 PMAG VEPR AK

    I emailed them about this a month or so ago and Definitive let me know this was on the way. Now do I put this on my 16", or order a longer barrel...or both. I do love my CSSPECS mags. Changing over to PMAGs would lighten up my range bag a bit. Wish I could find a 5.56. I would love to use my existing AR mags in a AK platform. It'll look nice when my Krebs keymod forearm comes in.
  10. scarbrough68289

    Reworked Vepr 308 v2 square back, Magpul, TWS, AAC, Aimpoint

    Man that MOE handguard looks sick on the .308. Need that on mine.
  11. scarbrough68289

    Does anyone like tan furniture?

    If it is all polymer furniture you can also dye it with RIT.
  12. scarbrough68289

    finally decided on my scope

    This is what I put on my .308. Leatherwood 1-4 CMR in Midwest Industries 30mm scope mount (MI-AK30SM). Sits close to rear sights now but doesn't interfere with sight picture. I will adjust it back a bit when I change the stock out. Just got it mounted and haven't sighted it in yet.
  13. scarbrough68289

    Vepr12 Plan: Folding stock with ACS-L

    I found this on somethingawful while searching GOOGLE to see if the combo would work. I want to do the same thing but on a RH folder for my VEPR .308. I have an AR set up with a ACS-L and another with the CTR. I'll try it out when I get the folder before ordering a dedicated stock for it....if I can find the BONESTEEL in stock when I'm ready to buy (tax returns..soon)