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  1. I'll take 50. Do you take Pesos? Canadian dimes? Ruperts? Please hurry I need them before the War. Thanks Jangles
  2. Some of you people really amaze me. It's so simple to send it back to CGW BEFORE you screw with it . It's FREE, it's FAST and it WORKS AFTER IT COMES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Phoenix Firearms in Phoenix, az, has the S12 for 600 plus tax.
  4. Why wasn't your cash and jewlery in the gun safe? Mine is.
  5. excellent turn around time on repair work. Thumbs up!
  6. Not yet but not that far away either. JMHO. And what are you doing to prevent that from happening other than bitching about it? There is a lot of people who give their lives to protect this country. There are also a lot of people who fight battles everyday to keep this country great dispite the constant bombardment of naysaying assholes. For you to even jokingly compare this country to the nazi's makes me sick. Maybe you should go back to canada. I already did two tours in Viet Nam as a fucking Marine Corps Scout Sniper. So fuck youyou pathetic cocksucker. If you aren't talkin
  7. Did the idiot forget that this country was founded by people with guns?
  8. Congrats. You will still enjoy a pump or another auto shotgun. I have many shotguns, ranging from a 10K Kreighoff to my S12. I enjoy them all just in different ways!
  9. So what is the problem with roll crimped slugs? Too long, too heavy???
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