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  1. Alcoholics are far more worthless at life than folks that burn a joint or two a day. Calling in sick or showing up to work still drunk, half ass'n the way through the day to get back to the bar...
  2. You know i want in.... But if this is april fools thats just cruel
  3. The fn barreled psa uppers are really tempting...bah i forgot the rear sight so i'll prolly spend bout what u did...unless the fn is a daily deal and it happens to be payday.
  4. Ive been sitting on one of their complete classic lowers since black friday. Just been waiting for one of the uppers to hit super sale or atleast free ship'n. Almost bit on that stainless 1:8 that you scooped. Lemme know how that upper works for yuh. I'm in $200 on the complete lower and 5 pmags all said an done so far, i'm hoping to be well under 6 when the smoke clears.
  5. My older pa sight has the same thing, inside or outside as well. Cant recall if it was that way from the get go when it was on an ak but now it lives on the 10/22 so it doesnt bug me but its surely 5 years old by now.
  6. I run a primary arms red dot on a utg pic rail and couldnt be happier. I also dont take many shots to 100yards with a 22 but anything under i can get surgical.
  7. Primary arms has some stencil kits he sells that seem to have pretty damn nice outcomes.
  8. Have u thought about just buying another factory 10/22 with a bull barrel and setting in said boyds stock?
  9. If i were to go for a cheaper all steel pistol and only had one choice it would be a RIA 1911, which can be had in 9mm and slowly upgraded as over time.
  10. Which folder setup you using there?
  11. Gotta agree with the price being ridiculous...why add lrbho to a platform that doesnt need it...why not a regular style mag release thats worked for years....just not KISS enough for me.
  12. The rhineland arms saigunov stock set is a fairly cheap plug an play option.
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