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  1. I would say that replacing the factory sight leaf with a peep sight of some sort is necessary. I love my Mojo micro click, but if I were to spend the cash again I would go for the Tech sights for their longer sight radius.
  2. Last Tapco folder that I tried out was on a rifle at the local gun shop. I went to open the folder, and it snapped right off. I still want a folder, preferably the folder off of the Arsenal rifles, but those seem to be made out of gold... I may just get a Romanian side folder stock and call it good.
  3. From what I've seen, they all come with the safety stop catch. But in my defense, I've only converted one 7.62x39, which was a non-dimpled and y'ed receiver, with the pistol grip nut hole pre-cut. I've fondled several of them at the funshop, dimpled, or non dimpled, and they all seem to have the safety stop. I don't know if the shotguns have it, though.
  4. Not 100% true with all the Saiga rifles. My 762x39 works fine with all factory mags without any alteration to the mag. Think it depends. More on topic, I dont have an AR or Saiga 223 but im curious. The 223 mags will work in an Ar as well? My converted 7.62x39 works great with the factory mag with no alterations. It is one of my two low-cap mags. The other is a Chinese 5rd mag that I bought if I ever wanted to take it hunting. And no, the .223 saiga mags will not work in an AR, they are a completely different mag. I think Gail mags may work, or you could drop the coin for a STANAG adapter to use AR mags. I may pick up a .223 Saiga just to do this so I've got an AK that shares mags with my AR.
  5. I converted mine because the factory stock and trigger group were awkward and unwieldy. If I had wanted a semi-auto sporter in 7.62x39 with a 10 round capacity magazine I would have bought an SKS instead. That and the factory trigger group had a nasty trigger pull, totally unacceptable, even for a Russian gun. While the conversion stock has its merits, it's only a half-assed solution at best for those who are either not mechanically inclined, or cannot afford to have it done properly. My only issue about the conversion is that the AK-100 Polymer folding stocks from KVAR are either non-existent, or made out of gold. That's probably last on my to do list other than an AK-100 FSB and brake for my conversion to feel "complete"
  6. I tried to polish up my G2 kit, and failed miserbly enough to cause doubles and 3rd bursts... Bought the worked on G2 set from Dinzag, and couldn't be happier. It's not a bad deal for $40 bucks.
  7. Yeah, with three points of contact to the receiver, which is the thicker AK-100 series receiver, I believe that this is a non-issue. It is on there, it is rock solid, and if it is properly installed, it will probably take a nuke to move it. I think it could use a recoil pad though, it is a little on the short side.
  8. Ever since I handled a couple of Arsenal's with the solid folder, I've wanted one for mine. It feels just like the regular stock when extended, and folds. It is far and away the best authentic folder for AK's.
  9. The rifle just looks odd with nothing in the holes, and the extra dummy rivets only look out of place to those who know what they are looking for. I'm glad that I did the same to my rifle.
  10. The conversion is pretty easy and can be accomplished in a weekend with simple tools, though things go much faster if you have a drill press. I was slightly intimidated until I did some reading, and I'm kicking my self for not picking up one of these when they were $200 dollar guns.
  11. You can get everything you need to do the conversion from Dinzag Arms. I highly recommend getting the polished Tapco trigger group, with part of the hammer milled off so you can keep the factory bolt hold open. I would also get a pin retainer plate just because you will have the rifle apart anyway. As far as furniture goes, I would sell the T6 stuff and replace it with an Ergo grip and Kvar hand guards and Nato length stock(Dinzag sells a bolt-on hand guard retainer as well.) But if you want to keep the T6 stuff it might just be easier to sell or trade the Saiga T6 stock for the AK parts.
  12. JBski

    US PALM 30

    If Comblock mags weren't so cheap, I probably would buy a few polymer magazines to try them out. But for now, the only non-steel magazines that I'm interested in, are 7.62x39 bakalite magazines. I just wish that there were more floating around, so the prices would come down on them. I would buy them if they were the same price as AK74 magazines.
  13. A better option would be to file down the mag catch until the mag fits. This way you can just use any unmodified AK magazine. I took just enough off of mine for comblock mags to function, which is handy because I can still use the factory 10rnd mag too.
  14. You mean Izhmash quality is much higher than Cugir right? All that century does is open the mag-well on certain units and add a tapco g2 and magazine for 922 compliance. Most newer members don't know that Century does not build the WASR series. They are made in Romania. As to the OP question: Saiga, hands down. Aren't most of the Wasr's cold war de-milled AK's built on a new semi receiver? I bought my Saiga mostly for two reasons. It was the only way to get a brand new AK other than spending 1k on an Arsenal. It was the only way to get a brand new Russian AK other than spending 1k+ on an Arsenal Saiga. If you're not willing to put in the effort to convert a Saiga, a Wasr will probably work for you just fine. If I lived in Kali, I would either keep the Saiga in factory configuration, or convert just the trigger group (lets face it, the factory Saiga trigger SUCKS DICK!) and use one of those long Norinco Hunter triggers.
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