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  1. I left my bullet guide in, and just ground a relief on the Mag adapter for it. I run Circle 10's, Galil mags, and Weigars too...
  2. I really like my JTE mainspring... In ALL my AKs. People that shoot them say the trigger is unlike any other Kalashnikov they've ever shot (in a good way). It doesn't take much to "tune" them. I'm pretty sure Jack has posted in his area on how to do this, but it is VERY simple, and effective, once you "get it". Don't know what else to say... I suppose I've had a differring experience than some others. Believe the hype- at least in MY case, with the JTE springs, twoskins... Mess with it a bit, and I'm sure you'll be happy too.
  3. I can only add input on two of the choices, and offer alternatives perhaps... Here is my .223 with the UTG/Leapers quad rail: It was HEAVY, and added quite a bit of perceived "bulk" to the front end. Still, with the AFG, it was manageable. It would just get heavy if I carried it a long time... It DID cool the rifle quickly, and had mounting options. Moral of the story: Mine is sitting in my parts bin. Want to buy one at half retail? (see picture) Mine was a "temporary" measure- Like others have done. I eventually modified my stock HG, adding some sheet metal as a heat s
  4. I think maybe Sgt. Raven may have something similar??? Not sure, but looks ok to me actually... http://www.strikehar...k-47-chest-rig/ Strike hard AK chest rig. You could probably find an HSGI "H" harness or even maybe mod a TacTailor X harness to make it easier on/off... Eagle Industries makes a nice one too, I think with SKD... Check there.
  5. A - aint R- ready for M- marines Y- yet. sorry. i gotta bust balls every now and then. and let it be known that there is no shame in any branch, as we all have/had a job to do. just pride. and pride will do. Had to... Love 'em!
  6. Cap'n, I am afraid you may need a tad more than your "witts" Man oh man, you people are driving me to my wits, er I mean "witts" end...... oh yeah make fun of the hillbilly for his shitty spelling. or should i say redneck, as some like to state. Class warfare in action. He's "educated", thus MUCH better than you Cap. See how it works? Divide and conquer. Most will ignore/not even see the irony I'm sure.
  7. pics: adapter seated, side view. inside trunnion-where you ground. adapter mods you made. Sight unseen, you have not ground the locking tabs deep enough... Are the AR mags locking in? Pics, of course, help.
  8. Mindreader! Heretic!!! Just ordered the scout mount, and a TLR1 (I mean, I LIVE near Ephrata, PA- It's supporting local business!) We'll see if I want the remote. Looks like a nice, compact, light option. My husband is building an ASA side charging upper now, waiting on a PSA(FNH) A2 "light" middy barrel for it. Trust me- I didn't think he could stay away from ARs THIS long. LOL.
  9. Sounds like an opportunity to show those seniors that, in your case at least, they are mistaken. Or whining. Take your pick. I'm just reading words on a screen, and typing.
  10. Our artist charges a chair deposit... Usually $50, we get ours with a phone call at this point- because we ALWAYS show up, turn our phone off or on silent, sit down, shut up, and let him go to work. Usually he'll throw on a concert movie, or just a cd... Either way, it's a good exposure to some different music in addition to watching him do his incredible artwork. It's a respect thing, really. The man is not just performing a service, he's an artist- that will be with us the rest of our lives. Respect should be mutual- the quality of our work reflects that I think. Plus- he gets
  11. Aerosol? Won't this leak or explode in a hot summertime car? Good thought, I am not sure of the Blowing-point of the hornet spray, but it is better than any pepper spray type. The hornet spray can shoot a very direct and highly accurate stream of volitile poisons at least 20 feet!! Plus a can of hornet spray is Huge compared to a personal defense spray!! And it it Totally legal!!! Depends on how hot the interior of the car gets. Check the label to see what the stated tolerances are. FWIW, that shit is NERVE GAS FOR BUGS... It's pretty much the same for us too. Just FYI.
  12. There is no fucking way our Military will stand for a Government sponsored Russian Occupation because they cannot be trusted. Really? Well, it IS from "Russia Today"... FWIW. Not sure I consider that source "credible", but these days, who knows??? 20 years ago, this article would be easily dismissed as silly... Today do we dare do the same just because some article on the interwebs tells us to? NO! We panic!!!!!! EWW!!! BUGS!!!!! Panic now.
  13. That's right. This... (thanks for the site!) What he said...
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