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  1. Well you aren't going to like my answer, but if you want it done right and don't have the skills or equipment to do it yourself I would send it to one of the many vendors that support this site and do this for a living. I have built many a saiga12 conversion, built my own krinkovs, and SBS's over the years. Its a lot of work to do it right. If you are happy screwing on parts to your gun then there are a lot of kits and parts to do so. I have done it myself when I started in this game, but if you put your DYI gun next to a professional builder there really isn't any comparison. Some people don't care to spend the money on a professional builder or don't mind the look of a kit gun so you need to really decide what level of conversion you will be most happy with. A friend of mine is a builder and I have told him more than once that before I knew better, I thought the price he was charging to convert an S12 was very expensive. After doing it myself a couple of times I think what he charges is a bargain!
  2. Z and I helped develop the Autoplug with Keith a few years ago, and as unbiased as I can be, the thing just works. What we realized as we were working and testing the Autoplug was that it could get some guns to cycle that were on the edge of reliability. My own personnel 10" SBS was a little finicky with 7.5 shot low brass on either of the stock plug settings as the gun was just a little under gassed. With the autoplug installed we just keep cranking down on the adjustment screw until the gun cycled reliably, eventually we took the gas block off and opened the gas ports a little more but the autoplug was a great diagnostic tool. I am not saying that it will get a gun that won't cycle with the stock plug to miraculously run so don't even go there, I am saying that in addition to what it was designed for, namely the ability to run both high and low brass together it will help finicky guns over the edge to reliability. I have shoot 3" with the autoplug and it beat the shit out of me, but I have shot 3" with the stock plug and it beat the shit out of me just as bad. If you look at the design of the autoplug the size of gas ports mimic those of the stock plug maybe a tad bigger but close, those stock ports are no more able to deal with the gas coming from a 3" load as those of the autoplug. Setup is everything on the autoplug, you need to get the gun to just cycle your lowest ammo which means the ports are just barely opening to vent the gas, at this setting when you shot your high brass or slugs the ports will be fully open quickly thus venting gas at a quicker rate. Again no miracles here but a quality product that does what it was designed to do and has stood the test of time.
  3. Here is one I shot a few days ago, its a nice little shooter but I prefer my SLR 107ur to the M92. Sunny that girl in your avatar will live on forever, that gif will be floating around the web for enternatiy.
  4. Talked to my examiner the other day and he said they reboot the system 4 times a day, if you log on right after the reboot you will have no problems, as time goes by it gets worse and worse the more people that long on. And it's not just our end that it affects, my examiner said that many times a day he can't do a thing due to such high demand on system. I bought a couple of suppressors the other day and it took the guys several days before they could log on and eform them. Now imagine how Obama care is going to fuck up your lives, it is obvious that they can't get this little system to work and it is 10,000 times smaller!
  5. If you do a little reasearch on this forum and I think in this NFA section Tromix almost does a step by step of how to build an 8" SBS. duh very first thread in this forum!
  6. An "E-Form" is when you digitally send in your Trust, Corporation or whatever along with your Form 1 or 4. You pay the tax with a credit card. From what I understand the wait time decreases from 12 months+ to 90 - 120 days. I will be doing a few of htese and see how it works for me. Exactly, and best yet you can track the form online, the form goes pending as soon as the credit card payment is received. What was real cool is they email you when the status has changed, I had 9 emails hit my phone over the course of two hours telling me the status had changed to approved. Whats weird is it seems to take a full month to get the tax stamp in the mail once it has been approved, in the old days it took about a week maybe ten days.
  7. Well I hate to say it but the Eforms is the shit! I sent 9 eforms between September and October and they are all approved and back in record time. 4months from the time they were done online till they hit my mailbox. It has never been that quick and I have been doing the NFA game for 4-5 years.
  8. Here is how it is configured and what work was performed by RandR Targets: Asking $3000.00 plus Shipping, Shotgun is located in Texas Modifications: -Weld/fill in holes in the receiver and mill new slots for the safety,magazine release and stock adapter -Weld/fill in the original gas ports in the barrel -Mill in new gas ports for a shortened gas system -Shorten the gas system and polish/fit -Mill gas ports for the compensator -Ream the forcing cone for more uniform shot and less felt recoil -Cut barrel so there are no threads on the exterior end -Cut and thread barrel to accept Remington chokes -Cut bolt and bolt carrier to accept a loaded magazine without holding the bolt back -Polish and smooth action Custom Parts installed: -RandR Targets AR 15 Stock Adaptor -RandR Targets Trigger Guard / Grip Adaptor -RandR Targets Magazine Well -RandR Targets Magazine Release (left side of SG for a RH shooter) -RandR Targets 2" X 11” Vented Handguard -RandR Targets Double Shotgun Barrel Compensator ( Approved by original designer, JP Rifles ) -RandR Targets Scope Base Additional Parts installed: -Ace skeleton stock -Ergo Grip -Burris Fast fire sight -Briley Improved choke, also comes with M & IM chokes as well -Tapco trigger, straighten the trigger and perform a trigger job -Ceramic coating of barrel and frame -Fitted Surefire magazines (5 total) plus an Arredondo mag coupler More Pictures available upon request!
  9. Well I am assuming you are competing in 3Gun, if so you are classified as open. You would be crazy not to run a magwell if you are serious about doing well. I tried running my Saiga as is because I felt very proficient in mag changes until I saw my friend do a mag change with his R&R Saiga inside of 2 seconds. LRBHO aside, you are still fighting the rock and lock magazine design which will cost you seconds. Plus if you are counting rounds you aren't fully focused on the stage, I never count rounds I just look at the stage and plan my mag changes based on how the stage is laid out.
  10. Uhh...only thing that will work is a Lathe although that may be a bit more than $80 ......
  11. Yeah I was thinking the same thing just didn't want to give the guy a hard time. My thought was he could pull an un-used maxi-pad out of his purse and tape it to his shoulder before shooting. Just kidding and having a little fun no offense intended!
  12. Don't kid yourself, a better quality rail well absolutely makes a difference. When FTE's happen after installing a rail system on your weapon it's because the percussion wave throughout the weapon has been altered. Meaning something has changed in the way the weapon reacts to the harmonics from the sonic forces traveling through the weapon. When a weapon starts to FTE after putting a rail on it's because something was close to failing (rubbing, binding) in the first place. In slow motion you can see how a weapon twist, bounces up, down and moves side to side. Better built rail can reduce or at very least give you a more solid platform but with just the right amount of movement, providing more stability and causing less added irregular shock wave patterns which can be hard if not impossible to counteract. Cheap rails are very thin, extruded from soft aluminum or cast thick to appear quality made. The thin rail with thin webbing will be unstable, causing irregular shock wave patterns, the cast rail will be way to stiff allowing for little movement causing binding, a good quality rail should be somewhere in between, right design, right material, and in all the right places. Quality does count! Kinda made my point, a less well made rail will allow the gun to flex more, a more solid rail will not allow the gun to flex as much and could amplify existing problems. Not a knock on your product at all, I attribute FTEs after a rail installation to a faulty gun not the rail in most cases. As I said previously my buddies rail was a Chaos and it had FTE problems much like the problems others have had with less well made rails. Cheers
  13. I found this out about 4-5 years ago with a buddies S12, no offense but it was a Chaos rail so don't kid yourself that a better rail will solve the problem. Like I said then, I think the issue is the alignment of the gun more than the rail, the rail just stiffens the gun to the point that it won't flex enough to cycle properly.
  14. Yep an SBS is in the works with a folding stock, looks real good so far. They will be logging them in over the next couple of days and shipping.
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