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  1. I was just being funny Insurance is the way to go
  2. Spinning bars can be cut by simply drilling a hole throught the bar and sliding a nail through it before cutting the bar. Also a lunch.
  3. Data is no better than polls , as they are based on the questions and how they are asked. Many times national data does not come close to local data.
  4. Had a meeting with the person who will be taking over my duties, great guy late 30s and sharp as a tac. My vehicle goes in a week. Just have to finish up my back log of paper work and then I am done. Little strange realizing it is coming to an end but it's also a good feeling.
  5. Why is it that since columbine (possibly one of the few legit mass shootings. Meaning wasnt 100% fake, or wasnt set up) none of the high profile shootings have any real evidence or video? So you mean to tell me that they have tons of footage from a shooting 20yrs ago (recorded on vhs) but they cannot produce even a single screen capture from any of these other "shootings"?? NOT ONE single visual of the "shooters" from sandyshook,vegas or parkland at the scene?....0Lets face it most of these "shootings" are completely fake with no deaths, or there were deaths but the real shooters were professi
  6. Christ is alive in the world through His people the body of whom He is at the head. Christ does his work through his body on this earth to do his will not ours. Praying for a bear to maul someone somehow does not seem to be his will but yours. We all mock God. The more we come to know him the more we understand his will and pray for it to be done. The more we under stand his will the less we mock him.
  7. Just read that officers with out video cameras were told to stand down and not enter the building (guess who did not have a camera) Also inter dept memo asking all offices to rally around their leader AKA the sheriff.. Sounds like the FBI has all the school videos. This thing smells.
  8. Did he know Cruz had a pistol ? Something is not right here. When a sheriff and everyone dumps on a minion it's usually to hid their problems. The dust will clear.
  9. Well there goes the 80% receiver option. Where do these kids get the money, and where are the parents? What the hell is wrong with our young males.
  10. Mocking God always comes from people who really do not under stand him. I pray for Gods guidance when I carry my gun. I pray that if I need to use it that it be done to stop the evil .
  11. Aero Precision 10" 300 Blackout upper with Bravo company BCG, H2 buffer and a regular carbine spring. I shoot it mostly with subsonic ammunition, and an AAC SDN-6 can installed. Grain and FPS?
  12. Branded! Scorn for the one who ran what would you do when your branded and know you are a man. I think after the investigation he will be cleared. But he is going to have this on him for ever because the awesome chief will not assume the blame. As fast as the shooting started it was done and Cruz was leaving, pretty hard to stop even if you are right there.
  13. Just remember there is a reason a large number of cops show up at a shooting. Without getting into it all , there is a certain protocol that goes on. Training dictates action. They did not know how many shooters were in the school . This guy did his work in just a few minutes !not much can be done when stuff like this happens. This is why they want to lock down schools to keep these turds out. Now it's the cops fault! Give me a break! Police do not train to be like Dirty Harry. Clearing buildings is a touchy job especially when you do not know the terrain.
  14. As far as the 21 age debate goes it may well be a peace offering to the left who do not want peace. However It just may be talked about and then loose steam. Trumps views on locking down schools will win the day because it can be done now, all they need is money. The messy topic of mental illness and background checks will be the battle ground. After all we all have displayed mental illness in the perception of others at some time in our lives. My point is I have been called bat crap crazy simply because I do some things different. By what difference do we restrict people? Trump wants to
  15. The students for the most part will fade away when it starts turning into work and commitment. Just like all the other times. I read that many where told by their teacher to go to these protests.
  16. A weapon like this caused so much death and distruction? Well then Cruz has no guilt, he must be a victim like the rest. It was the gun who called uber, forced him into the school and mad him pull the guns trigger. They also think the the mags has some influence on Cruz as well. What a boob.
  17. I always thought bump stocks were silly but some had fun wasting all that ammo. I also feel it is one persons business how they are to waste that ammo as log as it stays safe. But now the president has taken steps to spoil that fun. President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he has recommended that "bump stocks" — devices that let semi-automatic weapons fire hundreds of rounds per minute — be banned. Trump signed a memorandum recommending that Attorney General Jeff Sessions propose regulations that would declare that bump stocks are illegal because they effectively turn legal sem
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