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  1. I've read the reviews on their 7.62x51ammunition:, all very favorable. Supposedly very close to match grade, every time I try to order its been sold out.
  2. Truly a gentleman, a scholar and righteous dude!
  3. I've got the High Noon "Split Decision". The clip that attaches to your waistband/belt is designed to allow you to tuck in your shirt over your firearm if necessary. They also list holsters for most Taurus models so fit should not be so much of an issue.
  4. Hi, I've had good luck w/ a High Noon holster,and it works very nicely with my Millennium too.
  5. PM sent to Saltydecimator. i have gunlocks, exact same style that Yeoldetool put up a little while ago, available. just shoot me a pm w/ your addy. will ship asap.
  6. Hi, Not 100% sure, but your stock looks simmilar to a Bulgarian SSR-85 stock.
  7. Hi, I could swear i had read the story about the S.F. barge on Yahoo about two weeks ago. The slant on that story about the barge was about how it was designed to house a data collection center and it was designed to be waterborne because it used seawater to keep the sever rooms cooler. The story I read not only had similar "Mystery" photos but also had some basic diagrams to show how the system worked. All speculation of course. The problem that brought the barge to everyone's attention was that apparently the local population was concerned about the power-lines attached to the barge and a local ordinance barring permanent commercial structures on the bay. I looked back to find the story, but my google-fu is not strong today.
  8. dep714

    Need fast answers please

    Hi, the handguard on the ebay site will not work. the s12 forearm attaches differently on a s12 than on the rifles. also looking at the pictures and in the description it lists the stock and forearm as 'airbrushed'. not sure (working off of my phone), but sort of looks like someone might have just done a very nice job of painting an OEM plastic stock. looks like wrong recoil pad on buttstock and different grip area on forearm. apologies if i'm mistaken.
  9. Hi, I was thinking of adding an M44 to my humble collection. Was wondering if there was anything in particular to look for or avoid. Are any factories better? (Tula vs Iskavik) any thoughts on the Chinese Type 53. Any and all help would be greatly apprieciated. (Sorry for any typos or spelling errors) Thanks in advance.
  10. The U.A.E. used outside contractors to design and develop the Caracal. Specificaly Wheilheim (not sure of spelling) Bubitz, Who is tied in with the developement and engineering of the Steyr AUG, Steyr M series and had something to do with the original Glocks. The Caracals were very well designed, highly thought out and well thought of, and were on my list except I'm in NY and they don't import 10 rnd mags for the any version of the pistol.
  11. dep714

    Nice mag pouches for $3 each

    They work very nicely with the S-12 5 round mags as well. I have also seen them used with the .308 20 round mags too (holds 2, but the top flap secures) CTD was recently carrying them for $2.95 in like new condition.( I know, it was difficult for me to believe that CTD would have something that I needed at a reasonable price)
  12. If you need another beta tester, I'll volunteer too!
  13. dep714

    steel s12 mags. Project completed.

    Nice, nice, nice!