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  1. Telly458

    give up my Saiga 12 for Daewoo USAS-12

    Since the USAS-12 doesn't have a gas adjustment,it only cycles high-brass (unless newer ones are different?).And,it's several pounds heavier.Also,I had the action on mine lock up completely once,from some neglect on my part (not cleaning in between shoots).That being said,if you can afford shooting only high power stuff,it's always an attention getter at the range.Honestly,the last time i shot mine,though,was right before I got my 1st. S-12!. If you could find some more oem mags,maybe you could cut and plastic-weld them together.I believe Cobra perfected this back in the day,before aftermarket mags were available.
  2. Tom,sorry to here about your health issues.My father has been patched up three times now at the Pittsburg VA,had both his neck arteries scraped out,and a huge anurism repaired.They took great care of him every time.At least you're in good hands there.
  3. Telly458

    OK, so call me a N00B

    Bounce12,sabot rounds are designed for rifled barrels.They are comprised of a bullet encased in a two-piece shell.The rifling imparts a spin to the bullet,the shell seperates and falls away upon exit from the barrel,and the bullet itself travels farther and more accurately than a slug.Excellent for hunting
  4. Telly458

    WOO HOO, Scored #2

    Congrats,Stephen!.I picked up my third last Nov. at a show in Harrisburg,but unlike you I got hosed on the price ($650!) Only paid $500 for my second,back before Obama was chosen for a prez candidate.
  5. Telly458

    On my own for converting

    7.62x39,Pmags are made by Magpul.They function flawlessly (unlike some of Promag's products!). Oops,Wakko beat me to it!.Didn't notice the second page of replies But yeah,what he said!.
  6. Telly458

    Want to play a game? Part 2

    1989 314 513
  7. I used to have trouble peeling my hard-boiled eggs,the shell would stick to the white like it was glued on.An old Mennonite woman told me to try letting the eggs reach room temp. before boiling-works like a charm.I've had perfect eggs ever since.
  8. Telly458

    Best Front Sight? clamp-on

    Dinzag,Krebs Custom,or Rusmilitary.I'm biased towards Dinzag myself-he's a business member here,and a great guy,to boot!.
  9. Joe,Patriot,thanks for posting some pics.I had a great time. I didn't bring any high brass stuff to the shoot Sunday,but had previously tested Winchester 00/000 buck/slugs,Rem. 00 buck/slugs,Federal 00 buck/slugs,and Estate/Independence/Rem./Winchester game loads.Everything cycled flawlessly. Thanks,Mike!.
  10. Telly458

    Cobra's S12K handguard!!!

    That handguard is badass!.Nice work,cobra.
  11. Possibly an issue with the magazine,and not the gun?.
  12. Telly458

    Tromix has got you covered!

    Hey,Juggs,are the tees 100% cotton or cotton/poly blend?.
  13. Telly458

    Izmash factory Saiga 12 drum

    Pretty sure I found this pic here on the Forum back when I 1st. joined.It looks like it might be a modified chinese drum,but who knows if it's a factory job or homemade.Not likely an izhmash item,though.