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  1. That special rear trunnion is custom made by Molot for V12 with buffer with spring, mostly made for IPSC V12 models and it differ from standard RPKS/V12 trunnion, it made by prepaid preorder ONLY of CE Vepr, does not sell separately! AFIK standard rear trunnion is not possible to buy legally in Russia:( (by law: as it part of main part of firearm), but possible in UK from Rusmilitary.
  2. Some more pics of Muzzle Attachments made by Molot Original FH (side & chamber view) Original Short (70 mm) Chokes (side & muzzle view) Original Short (70 mm) Paradox (side view) Original Short (70 mm) Paradox (muzzle view) Original Molot Choke adapter for installing Bekas 12 Ga shotgun chokes and Paradox Tech Data Choke adapter length: 70 mm Bases alignment: not more than 0,05 mm Deviation of the mean point of impact at 35 m (when sleeves are changes ): not more than 150 mm Molot Choke adapter C (0,0) and Bekas shotgun Muzzle Slee
  3. Shooters shop sell just AR adapter made by Molot (+ delivery to US ??$) and Russiansurplus sells AR kit made by Molot-Arms (free shipping). The first one welded + machined (based on standard V12 stock adapter) The second one is 100% machined. Mounting of both needs qualified gunsmith skills!!! Before mounting I recommend to read THIS thread.
  4. Molot-Oruzhie = ООО "Молот-Оружие" http://molot.biz/contact/index.php Email:guns@molot.biz
  5. Your model IMO is called Vepr-12E (where E is Export), there is only one Russian local model in US market is VPO-205-00 with 430 mm BBL is sold by Legion. US model with 19" BBL with SVDs welded folder is very close to VPO-205-01 with 520 mm BBL. The model with AK folder was made only for US market so does not have local Russian V12 equivalent, VPO-205-04 with slant cut receiver was the first V12 designed for US market and in Russia sells with the same BBL as VPO-205-00 430 mm not 19". So I think your papers from VPO-205-04 sold by Molot-USA, and not Molot nor importer does not changed it for o
  6. Hereis US market V12 made on VPO-204-04 base has longer BBL than original 205-04 that has 430 mm BBL.
  7. ВПО-205-04 VPO-205-04 has slant cut receiver!
  8. RSA needs safety modification.
  9. You're right, in 99,99% this helps. Optic if present must be maximum back on the rail. Even red dot placed instead of rear sight it cause of one issue to every 600-800 rounds, proved by guys from Open Molot team.
  10. Hogue AK-47/AK-74 fits V12 perfectly without any modification.
  11. Here are some pics of my Original Molot Muzzle Attachments: Stock GK-01 made from Al, that was forged before machined Custom GK-01 made from Ti Short 70 mm Molot Chokes 0,5 and 1,0 Molot 160 mm Paradox Molot FH (Cylinder Choke 0,0). Chokes and Paradox (have 18,5 mm entrance ID) can be use with GK-01 / PSH-2 or Original FH that comes with Vepr-12.
  12. New Saiga-MK107 with cross bolt safety based on AK-107 ZHMASH "Saiga" Mk.107 will be in 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, 223-Remington
  13. New Saiga-MK107 with cross bolt safety based on AK-107 ZHMASH "Saiga" Mk.107 will be in 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, 223-Remington
  14. New Saiga-MK107 with cross bolt safety based on AK-107 ZHMASH "Saiga" Mk.107 will be in 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, 223-Remington
  15. For installing Molot AR adapter well gunsmith skills and 100% understanding what are you doing is required!!! There are two types of AR adapter welded and machined and 100% machined. I used the first one, because that time there was only available. Two types of Molot AR adapter (100% machined is not installed on my V12 , it is my friends adapter) When I tried to install AR adapter the first time, I spoiled one adapter with the Dremel , well gunsmith skills and 100% understanding what are you doing is required!!! In my case adapter was opened during fire.
  16. There is difference between US export and Russian local V12 models, as well as between V12 importers customer support. ETA Royal Tiger placed pic of V12 that does not exist.
  17. Papa, I picked up one of these Legion Vepr 12, and I see no difference in placement or size in the gas block holes compared to my previous Vepr 12 examples. All the markings on the barrel are identical as well in regards to length ( I realize there not though). How are the barrel holes configured on your Vepr? 44 I don't work for Molot, and my assumption is based on that: US V12 models has 19" BBL (482,6 mm) is very close to VPO-205-01 (ВПО-205-01) with 520 mm (20,47") BBL with Perm Attach FH , so actual BBL without FH is very close to US model). Have you gauged holes ID on
  18. 1) They placed mirror view of left side as right sight, 2) This pic of first serial V12 made by Molot, that comes with IZHMASH S-12-30 mags, AK/RPK trigger guard and handgrip, no cheek pad on the stock, LHG without side rails. Molot still has the pic of them on their web site, even they don't make them maby since 07. They should change it for actual view. Some people just get pic of product as it is. 3) It is not possible to get such V12: not 2) nor 1)
  19. Cross bolt safety for V12/S12 became very popular in Russia, when in 2009 Vsevolod Ilyn asked Molot to modify his Standard Vepr-12 VPO-205 for his own needs and made Custom version of Vepr-12 for IPSC. He's not only suggested to modify FSB with a new construction for easy cleaning, mount bolt carrier buffer with spring, metal mag well, thumb mag release button, rails instead of rear sight, but also asked Molot to replace AK-type Safety for Cross Bolt type. Later Molot started to product Vepr-12 model (based on Ilyns CE V12), known as VPO-206 IPSC (official name of the model). The pic of Ilyn
  20. Maybe I'm mistaking, but Original GK-01 is made from Al, not Steel (steel insert in al body only).I've seen a couple Custom made by Molot Ti GK-01 (I know their owner ), but have never seen or heard about steel version.
  21. Molot makes a few versions of the brake, a titanium version, an all steel version and an aluminum brake with a steel ring for the threads. Then there is the CSS ~clone of the 3rd type. Which are yours using? We have the steel Molot muzzle brakes. What kind Molot MB do you mean? Can you post some pics, please.
  22. GB you asking for is Molot IPSC GB modified from standard Molot FSB (similar to S12-030) work the same as original V12 FSB, it has the opening front for easy cleaning during competition (you don't need to remove Upper HG with Gas tube for removing gas puck and clean gas block), was designed for Vepr-12 VPO-206 IPSC model.
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