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  1. Go here: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=1561&year=2013 Support my local Reps bill to edit the existing law to allow SBRs
  2. IIRC my local guy introduced this bill, the Reps over on my side won't put up with the AWB crap...
  3. Can they really "buy-back" something they never owned in the first place... No questions asked buy-backs are quite often confiscation via proxy...
  4. Meanwhile in states that are a bit more sane... My old neighbor was swat, he liked my Saiga .223, thought it was pretty cool. Took my eldest shooting at a friends house down a county road, son was shooting my Saiga from the hip, we saw the local deputy drive by, he looked over and gave us a grin and a big thumbs up...
  5. They are still criminalized, they only deal with it in a different manner, instead of the Gestapo kicking in your door and shooting your dog @ o-dark-hundrend, they fine people and send them to rehab...
  6. use imgur instead of photobucket Not sure why they did not machine a rail into the cover of that thing...
  7. They need more weapons, start air dropping surplus to the Mexicans civilians and let them take care of the corrupt government and cartels at the same time.
  8. I have an East German 74 tube on mine (an '06), needed no work at all, just dropped right in.
  9. I have an IAC 982, sports a Wilson Combat +1 & a Remington speedfeed 4 take off. Pretty much an 870 knock off that takes Remington parts.
  10. Most up there got Hep from bad blood from Slick Willie's Arkansas prison blood deal... I was up there when the story came out in the news...
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