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  1. Slinky, I'm interested. Do you still have any of these? I'm definitely interested in the Rossi Garrucha, and the Bliss & Goodyear Patriot, and maybe a few others. I sent you a message on this a few days ago, but haven't got a reply, so don't know if you got it.
  2. I've been waiting (and, and waiting) for the release of the new 380 caliber CPX3. I've contacted SCCY several times, and have talked to a very nice lady there. She explained earlier that they had purchased a new machine for the production run of this model, but they weren't getting consistent quality, which was unacceptable. I contacted her again yesterday, and she told me they are getting good quality parts now, and they were looking for a release date of early May. She told me yesterday, and in my previous conversations, the owner is committed to high quality, and doesn't want any problems w
  3. This was for the benefit of the Chicago area left wingers who voted him in. It’s truly a slap in the face to the residents of downstate Illinois, who are mostly Republicans. It’s a good thing that the Democrat controlled General Assembly didn’t make it a paid holiday, as the uproar would have been deafening because Illinois is bankrupt. I will hang my American flag at half staff every August 4th, to commemorate this sad day, just as I did when he was first elected.
  4. That is a great knife. My granddad gave me one when I was a little kid (long ago; don't ask how long), and I've still got it. It takes a sharp edge, and holds it.
  5. I was at work when the news come on the radio about a plane hitting the first tower. I thought it might be an accident; then the second plane hit, and knew it was a terrorist attack. Then the other two planes confirmed this was a major attack. We heard the news that all aircraft was grounded, and the President had been evacuated to a safe location. Everyone was acting in a shocked and dazed manner the rest of the day. After work I drove through the small city north of our facility, and saw all the gas stations were jammed with people panic-buying gas. I noticed that somehow the gas was priced
  6. My daughter in Kalifornia sent this to me last night (she's a Republican: I raised her right). I laughed my ass off, and so has everyone else I e-mailed it to.
  7. Omar Mateen was a US citizen, born in NY City, of Afghan parents. He was a registered security guard, and had a license to carry. There was armed security (off duty Orlando police officer) at the nightclub, who fired at Matten, but he was still able to get inside. A Florida state Senator who represents the district in which Club Pulse is in, was already at the news conference this morning, running her mouth about she was going to talk to the Governor about new gun laws. How can people have weapons that belong on the battlefield, etc, etc. An interesting fact; Omar Mateen was a registered Dem
  8. This farm yard have deer around a lot. I think he feeds them, because they sure make themselves at home, and don't feel threatened.
  9. Consider this. Momma loses the election (hopefully), or goes to prison. Possible 2020 ticket, Clinton (Chelsea)/Obama (Michelle), or Obama (Michelle)/ Clinton (Chelsea). Then on down the road, we have the Obama kids who will be drafted into politics, possibly with Chelsea's offspring. The future looks very grim. Sleep well!
  10. Spacehog, I just watched the video. You have good reason to be proud; your daughter has a beautiful voice, and did a great job signing the National Anthem. Thank you both!
  11. I was down in our SC plant last year, and got an invite from a foreman to go hog hunting with him and his family. I thought that was a great idea, until he told me they hunt at night, with dogs, and knives!! He said his 9 year old daughter got her first kill on one of the hunts last year. Now there are some really bad-assed down home boys. I thanked him for the invite, but told him that with my arthritis in my knees, they would be dragging out my crippled-up carcass out of the woods.
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