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    Eaa Cocoa FL customer service (regarding 1919)

    Hearing this reminds me not to buy another. I didn't have the patience for it and in the factory configuration was less fun to shoot than my pump guns IMHO.
  2. GregB72

    Collecting dust

    I let mine go for a song. I wanted to like it, but it wasn't reliable but with anything less than "stout" loads and in stock configuration it was too light to enjoy shooting. The saga of mine is posted on here. I think I spent over @$1k on it and I was happy to trade it for a basic PSA AR straight across. Do find myself lusting after a VEPR.
  3. GregB72

    Vepr 12 testing

  4. GregB72

    Who would buy a drum for an MKA ?

    I'd buy one....
  5. Cool. Can't wait to hear a review. Tempted.
  6. GregB72

    Does your MKA1919 run like a sewing machine?

    Here in NC they are $7.97. I've tried several different brands and my XN only likes the AA or STS to run reliably. I've got factory spring, Tooth and Nail trigger group, and gas piston (for 922R). All have been fitted as well as the mags by my builder. I'm always experimenting with other cheaper loads to try and find something cheaper that will run reliably, but no luck so far. I bought mine used and have put @200 through it, so maybe it isn't even broken in yet. May try the reduced recoil spring.
  7. GregB72

    Mag Couplers

    Looks good.
  8. GregB72

    Who would buy a drum for an MKA ?

    I be in for 1 and @$100 to $120....
  9. GregB72

    1919 Issues...

    Okay, my guy fitted/adjusted the hammer and as long as I use AA or the like (1 1/4oz) it runs like a champ. Now I think I need a stock weight. One of my least favorite guns to shoot. Has anyone tried a recoil reducing stock on one of these?
  10. GregB72

    1919 Issues...

    So is that caused by soft aluminum shells or a magazine feed lip issue? Is there any way to tell by looking at it if it has a low power spring? Thanks, Greg
  11. GregB72

    Got tired of the MKA 1919 Match safety

  12. GregB72

    1919 Issues...

    Ok, picked it up and tried several different loads. 1315 and 1350 birdshot seemed to fail to eject about every 3 or 4th round in the 5 and 10 round mag. 15 round of Remington sluggers ran fine. Even ran 5 rounds of reduced recoil buckshot. Seems like the problem is either a spent empty not extracting and/or a simultaneous double feed. I was told by previous owner that it had a reduced power recoil spring, but I'm thinking that it may not and that may be the problem. Could it be a bolt/ejector issue? It had a magpull BAD Lever on it, I've removed it to see if that helps. Also, once, when inserting an empty mag, It kind of locked up/ wouldn't drop the bolt. I'm thinking the mags (which I've sent back twice to be fitted) may be the issue. The two five rounders came with the gun and the 10 rounder I bought new. Put @5 rounds in @15 t0 20 minutes. Still don't trust it with anything "light". I'm gonna keep trying to get it to run. Trying to avoid shipping it again. Already had mags fitted 3 times by 2 different builders and had two trips to local builder. Trigger doubled once on me, probably recoil and a slow trigger finger, but definitely got my attention. Suggestions? P.S. Did I mention I got it back without the carryhandle/rear sight in the box this time. Someone is testing me:)
  13. GregB72

    Canis Vepr 12 Hinge

    Looks good.
  14. GregB72

    So I'm newbie with a MKA1919 match

    Congrats. So, I gotta ask, what's the difference between the Match and the XN? Thanks, GregB
  15. GregB72

    1919 Issues...

    Well, after giving it another go with Winchester AA and some 1350 dove loads, It looks like the hammer isn't resetting/failing to feed next round. I'm sending it back to the builder and he's going to take another look. I appreciate all the advice on here. I hope to be able to pick it up at the Asheville Gun Show the weekend of October 10-11. Definitely a learning experience. Stay tuned. Is "kool aid" the Benelli? GregB