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  1. make sure you buy something that is stamped MADE IN THE USA
  2. passes the donation basket to the next poster
  3. i am so down with you!! lets pick the month of may,, White history month for all....
  4. hmm... makes you wonder why is he browsing for a pistol and not looking for criminals>? I'll take a finger off for a couple MILL
  5. i carry a NEW JERSEY License and a sharp pencil
  6. paulnj088

    BCM or Spikes

    i like stag i'm just sayin
  7. amazing!!! how much for one >>?
  8. paulnj088


    try going a week without watching the news then go a month then give it up totally thank me later...its all for b's and ratings
  9. paulnj088

    NJ Conversion Persecution?

    go to njgunforums.com
  10. paulnj088

    First Gun - Saiga 12 - NYS Thumbole Stock?

    illegal in NY and in NJ