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  1. I don't think Poland, the former Yugo states or Romania use any AK shotguns, no point in tooling or making them to sell to Americans when they have arms and ammunition contracts with US and NATO governments to make rifles for haji in the middle east and central asia.
  2. VZ2008 is built by Century and the VZ58 is made by Czechpoint, the "quality" difference is what you paying for. From what I know VZ2008 is assembled by Century here and the VZ58 is made in Czech Republic then imported, Czechpoint is good quality but Century is hit/miss. I don't think much difference here though, the VZ2008's have good reviews. They are nice because of bolt hold open and open bolt, plus they are light and the stock is easy (just single bolt to remove) to replace with folder or fixed, magazines are light too. Handled a couple of VZ's and compared to my AK's they
  3. I have the PCR, it does not like Tulammo steel cased ammunition but everything else it will have no problems with. It is okay for CC but I use a shoulder holster and not a waistband one, so no idea how that would work for you.
  4. I bought all my ammunition years ago with few thousand rounds worth of 7.62x39 and 7.5x54. I thought too much political problems in future, so had made case to my wife to spend savings on rounds instead just before Newtown. One of best investments I have made, but wish I have more rifles and pistols for calibers.
  5. I get dinner if lucky. Have nothing when I wake up, not even coffee.
  6. Communist or not, he is a good man and true patriot for his country, his loyalty and dedication is admirable. Hope he get well soon!
  7. Yes, only the best for woman, as they are the point of life if you are man. Mustang is not bad pistol, very nice! She likes Lilly's and Sunflower's more, Roses have always made her sneeze bad for some reason.
  8. She say she wants a revolver for carrying. It was easier than expected to get answer, so I guess we will go to shop soon.
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