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  2. Better pay has NEVER compensated for high stress! The health problems that will eventually manifest from it will cost you far more down the road.
  3. From what I have seen lately, the trolls have migrated to the forums, since chat is no longer open for instant gratification. However, they do seem to get banned faster there. Forums are tough.
  4. I guess the censors got tired of having to monitor. Been down for over a month with no action or explanation. Guess nobody cares anymore. Kinda sad, really. This was a good site, for a while.
  5. Must be a rare steak, as I see you put some "grazing fodder" next to it. Green ain't food, it's what food eats!!!
  6. Been down for several days. I sent Admin Girl a message on 13th, had been down already before that. So far, no response.
  7. Do what this time? No link or info as to what you're referring to.
  8. Ummmm, this is a fake. The abcnews.com site is a fake,. Check here: http://www.snopes.com/obama-three-guns-eo/
  9. The bill is sponsored by 6 women, Atalnta area. Leadership says ain't no way it will even get to floor for discussion.
  10. So is anything being done on this or is it just gone?
  11. I've never watched them, never will. There are enough "awards shows" to give every actor one of some kind. They are the most self centered people ever! What if everyday workin folks had that many awards?? "AND THE PLUMBER'S CRACK OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO.............." Even if they get their way, which by all accounts they are, as the Academy says its gonna change the way it does them, future awards will now be tainted to the point of rendering them completely worthless. Any future black nominee/winner will wear the stigma of doing so " only because they are black". They don't seem to want t
  12. Flying off the shelves in Ga too. Been doin so since Nov. Agree with Garnaz, ammo prolly next.
  13. I have somewhat similar prob, as I am forced into tri-focals. Precisely why I went to red dots, as I focus on the target & the dot remains visible. Not so good with regular sights, they disappear!
  14. Dangerous precedent for the feds to do this. They could just as easily pass another forbidding carry if this went into place. What seems to be a good thing on the surface, if you apply serious thought, can often further a negative agenda. The less the Feds interfere in 2A arena, the better.
  15. Seems to me Wal Mart is only trying to comply with laws governing liquor licenses. Looks like the Gov't is trying to put retailers in a precarious position, using different laws against them, forcing them to choose. They aren't refusing open carry, just a CYA move on their liquor license. You don't think the libs would use an error like that against them? Wally world just taking the hig road to keep both licenses, imho. Give em a break!
  16. Congrats GOB, welcome to the drain on society! We are a rather pleasant group, (among ourselves).We don't got Lone Star here, but I'll tip a glass of Crown to ya, ( as soon as I find my box of snakes....medicinal purposes ya know)
  17. Chile, old boy, sometimes ya just gotta say "WTF". Take care of you and yours, let the rest go. Chitheads or worse, they are her family. You can't win that one either way.
  18. This is not new, it has been going on for quite some time, beginning with the inception of "Obamacare". Back in the summer of 2014, when my doc asked, it was cleverly disguised as part of normal conversation, "like do you still hunt?". I called him out on it, and he told me they are required to ask, as part of the "system" of computerized records. He & I go back a ways, and he already knew I own several, as we have discussed the topic before. Both my wife & daughter are in medical field, and they indicate it is a requirement and has been for some time. The failure of the "system" to
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