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  1. Joined the forum back during December 2006. Haven't visited in a very long time.... been pursuing other interests and such. Once in a blue moon I pop back in though. This forum has always been a wonderful collaborative source of information; folks always spoke their minds freely (sometimes, too much so?). Anyway, "saying it like it is" was/is one of the reasons why I loved this online community. Hope the rest of us old-timers are doing well and staying safe. ~Gary
  2. 9mm Dakota Tactical D34 Carbine with custom burlwood furniture. Actually took this lil' carbine out just yesterday.... per usual, she was a hoot to shoot and fired very accurately.
  3. Words never adequately express the sense of loss. RIP Sandi, we shall miss you dearly.
  4. THANKS YOT! Thank you everyone. Had a terrific day yesterday. It's terrific to be alive.
  5. Not sure if we should be supporting financially ANYTHING coming out of Turkey these days. Just say'n.
  6. BINGO! (For the few of you that are blissfully ignorant on how the General Election works.)
  7. Abso-friggen-lutely. The old hag-lying-beotch is our next Commander-in-Chief. What has just been revealed to all Americans and to the world, is a testament to just how corrupt our United States Government and our political system as a whole has become. 'Smoke and mirrors' is a methodology no longer needed. THEY do it right out in the open now, and the sheeple don't bat an eyelash. Perhaps from this day forward we should all fly the U.S. flag at our homes, upside down (in distress). Then again, display of the U.S. flag in any manner, will likely soon be against the law. http://www
  8. This one UGLY grannie beotch!
  9. My favorite as well. Placed an order for 1,200rds of IMI 5.56 62gr M855 green tip just this past Friday.
  10. A high-end fixed blade would likely be a nice gift.... one that's designed for harsh climates and salt water of course. You should not concern yourself with considering mirrors or knee pads or any of that kind of stuff. As previously mentioned, he will be essentially fitted with anything and everything he could possible need.
  11. That's the damndest setup I believe that I've ever seen. But if it works for you, more power to ya!
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