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  1. 45 rounds of Federal 2.75in 12ga slugs 100 rounds of Supremo 2.75in 00buck shells 30 rounds of Winchester super-x 2.75in 00buck shells All thanks to my health insurance giving me a gift card for getting my physical done.
  2. Its more a faux cellphone/tablet case. Turns out with my bodacious curves I can hide my 10mm Witness at 5 o'clock at least standing/walking so I could most likely hide most carry guns IWB but assuming I can't the Sneaky Pete seems like a good plan. Before I got my faux shoulder holsters I keep my phone and wallet in I used to keep them in an old CPR mask case strapped to my belt so the Red Cross or Caduceus holsters would fit my aesthetic quite well. Hell, the idea of keeping my phone in a holster and my gun in a phone case is just beautiful in a way. I have to admit the faggy colors do ap
  3. I'm really glad to hear that. I'm pretty tempted to get one myself since you can put one in a Sneaky Pete if all else fails but it still holds 10 rounds of 9mm.
  4. Have already contacted mine repeatedly. I think at some point I'll start getting recognized as "one of the regulars" at this rate.
  5. Not to the FUDDs. If it chokes it's garbage. They can't see the forest for the trees.Exactly. Most people want to buy it and shoot it with no problems. I like tinkering with my guns, I only have 2 that haven't been modified or accessorized in some manner. I really like customizing my guns, it's just unnerving when something you may be betting your life on keeps breaking down.
  6. I would say the import ban mostly, since there are a lot more people who just go into Cabela's and buy what the guy at the counter sells them than there are people who seek out new and interesting things or put time into researching things. Reliability would be another major contributing factor in that most people think of an AK as something you could bury in your child's sandbox and pull out at a moment's notice, chamber a round, and dump the mag. My Saiga was my first firearm so I certainly thought that getting into it and it still nags in the back of my mind how unreliable mine can be.
  7. Worked now. That kind of stock I would think would look better on a smaller rifle, possibly an SBR but on something as chunk as an S12 it would look rather silly in my estimation.
  8. I have looked at it's mostly plain black plastic, I think a few leather ones, and then all the nylon/canvas/scratchy-whatever-fabric "universal" holsters. I have come to discover this about firearms, that non-standard ones have many drawbacks, as shown by the many many questions I've been asking about my Witness and all the hours spent scouring the web for things. Pretty much all people use Witnesses for is USPSA. And as far as "primary use" goes that will be based on what precedent has been made in my state around "printing" since my plan was to use my eccentricity to my advantage and
  9. A guy at my local gun shop had a holster with an OD green American Flag design across it which I saw when I was picking up my Witness and thought was really sweet. A bit of interwebbing revealed it was made by Outlaw Holsters and that on top of that model they have an option to have your own design put on it. They don't however have a flat-out option for an EAA Witness but they do have one for a CZ97B. I've tried contacting them through Amazon as well as 2 emails with no reply. I'm wondering if anyone has alternative options I could pursue? I realize a flashy OWB holster isn't the most uti
  10. I see people saying gun related crime has gone up in recent years from 11/100k to 12/100k, any info disproving or at least explaining that factoid?
  11. The issue is that mine is the "Wonder" coat which would mean having to send it out to get NP3 coated after. Though I even just having a hole drilled through the front sight might mean I have to do that too as well, huh?
  12. To each their own, I really don't like children and try to avoid and ignore them whenever possible whereas I've had dogs my whole life who got me through really dark times I most certainly wouldn't have made it through otherwise. I mean I'd risk my life to save almost anyone in need [or at least I think I would, never been in the situation] but if I'm entirely honest with myself if I was at a crossroad and heard a child crying on one road and a dog yipe down the other I'd take the dog road.
  13. Well, I'd add a dog to that and live with a little pee on the carpet. You wouldn't make a good stagehand! You wouldn't believe the number of freaks I have to put up with! But then, you wouldn't believe the number of BJ's you could get for your backstage pass! But if they're that eager, they're not worth it! I don't stick my dick where I wouldn't stick my finger! Well, I'd add a dog to that and live with a little pee on the carpet. You wouldn't make a good stagehand! You wouldn't believe the number of freaks I have to put up with! But then, you wouldn't believe the numbe
  14. That second link is from January so it wouldn't really reflect on this unless Trump is a Timelord and took his newfound respect back in time to fight Piers Morgan. Though if Trump were immortal[ish] and had a time machine I think we'd have MUCH bigger problems.
  15. I am going to quote that elsewhere... Classic. I'd like to take credit for it, but honorably I have to accredit my usage of it to Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. I don't know who started it but they both use it to address the people that was "No no no guys, Trump setting the Constitution on fire is a trap so when the Democrats don't put it out fast enough he can use that against them."
  16. I guess the front sight really is milled into the slide. Does anyone know someone that would drill my sights and stick fiber optic rods in?
  17. Fixed it for you. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.
  18. Indeed, with all that estrogen they might not even be able to get it up. Though you can never be too careful around "male feminists". As one of my favorite youtubers said about a feminist of ambiguous sexual identity "Do you identify as a feminist or a male feminist because I need to know if I should prepare for false rape allegations... Or being raped."
  19. EVEN IF this actually IS the Upside-Down, Underwater 4D chess I've been told Trump is playing I DON'T LIKE him gambling with my essential liberties.
  20. It's a new term but yes, that's the one. The spelling "boi" for "boy" in certain circles denotes an effeminate male akin to a "twink" or "catcher". I forget often that I travel in pretty diverse circles that don't normally overlap for people. My Venn diagram involves some quantum entanglement.
  21. Called all my Reps, got a really bitchy response from a soyboi at John Conyers' office, just what I'd expect from someone who'd serve a serial abuser of staff members. Though since Conyers wasn't trying to show him his wrinkly old tootsie roll I guess it's all good? Or maybe that's why he was so snippy: he wanted some of that fossilized dark meat...
  22. Finally got a pair of Henning Aluminum grips for her, went with red instead of silver like my original idea was based of TYM's Beretta 92fs Innox. Torx screws it came with left them floppy and wiggly so I had to use the factory ones which are mildly scratchy with those flathead slots. Still really wish I knew for sure if the fiber optic front sight would fit [folks at Ben Stoeger's said the grips wouldn't fit which was half right...] or someone/someplace that'd drill my sights for tritium. All told I'm really happy with all this, but I'm a perfectionist so the sights especially irk m
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