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    Fine Arts, Modenism in Art and architecture. Then again, cooking, music, bass fishing, shooting russian military and domestic rifles, Glock 19's, camping, BBQin and grillin, black and brown beer, Did i mention I love the traditional AK platform, no T6 here and the internet. and colecting Pyrex with the wife,
  1. I keep 3"00 Buck in 15 shot, Any brand will do for me.
  2. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=59724 I have an Arsenal Plum stock warsaw length and plum handguards if you were interesed in mixing it up? pm or mail me if your interested.
  3. yep like quoted above, Bakelites wil run 65+ they seem to be a tad cheeper in the 5.45x39 even the Bulgarian waffel circle 10's will run 50+ in plum I was actually contemplating trading my Plum 30rder for an orange I really like the contrast it would have, and an orange mag would russle the feathers of the oldtimers at the range
  4. thanks for your replies!!! Im just plum crazy Now if Arsenal would release a plum RPK handguard for my S-12 I'd be plum silly I have always loved the look of the Ak platform,ever since I was little playin war in the neighborhood around the very early 80's I had a variety of Ak looky like toys, My favorite one was a Plum AK and one day I knew I would have the real thing. I think Im goin shootin now
  5. cant seem to edit original post,, so here is my updated Saiga 12 Pic with BP-02 optics mount and some other goodies like Authentic Russian Plum, Konus red dot.
  6. updated Arsenal legion 7.62x39 BP02 optics mount Konus red dot Russian grip, arsenal stock, 1986 Russian sling, German mag pouch Bulgarian bayonett
  7. folks who have an avatar such as yours "knows"


  8. Shoot 100 more 3'00buck and there you go, By the time you spend 1,987,986 dollars on birdshot to break in this shotgun you could have spent less on the 00buck. I know because i did the same thing but i spent 4,876,981 dollars on birdshot before it was broke in. now it eats ALL with no mods
  9. +1 for CSS, same as above 2 days after order, items arrived! They are good stuff!
  10. Here is mine. Im in the process of replacing the handguard. Russian plum
  11. With mine none, It will shoot anything. I have done no mods,there are correct ports, built in 06. At fisrt it didnt shoot squat consistantly, AT ALL. 3 out of 5 would hang up using low fps bulk packs. After reading and searching around this site I learned to feed it some higher FPS for awhile, ya it cost more but it will break itself in too a 100% reliable shotgun. I use proper setting for all loads Mine will now eat every single round i feed it, it spits it all proper. low bulk to high. My two sents as well as others feed it 3"00buck and anything else with high FPS its nice to
  12. INDYk

    Recoil Pads

    you could get the ol limbsaver
  13. Preffer russian matt plum or kvar plum hand grip.
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