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  1. +1! DITTO!! There is a giant shit storm coming for gun owners and dealers. Buy everything you can afford while you still can.
  2. Great review and welcome! I am a gun nut going back 55 yrs and I do take bubble baths, burn scented candles and listen to Sade sing cool operator
  3. EV 965 & 1105, totaling 8 drums, will be here Thursday!
  4. Gez, only three years. Try 23 years and $2,500. I'm still patiently waiting on my Atchisson Assault-12 Full Auto Shotgun. Expecting it to show up any day now! One thing many years of experience and beau coup checks later has taught me, in addition to patience, when dealing with new products and companies, is triple the estimated time of delivery and then double it again. I'll start worrying about my 8 drum investment, in about 5 years. That's what this is for me, an investment, which if successful, should at the very lease, double or triple in value if Dem's take over next Jan.
  5. Does this ship with a welders helmet and gloves or are they additional cost? My 8" with Monster Comp produces a pretty spectacular fireball with 3" mag 00 buck but bet it doesn't come close to this little 6" beast. Your shotguns are addicting as hell.
  6. I know what your talking about... You have a very nice collection, I bought the barrett last year, and then wanted something a little more accurate, so thats when i ordered the EDM windrunner this year. And I cant make up my mind if i should get a M2HB or not. If i had one of those i would pretty much have it covered. ultimate accuracy to something that really throws it out there. I could not afford to feed the belt fed .50 that much ammo, but then again i keep thinking about the investment side of it. Your M2's and M3's, did you build those or have them built? TNW or KMP triggers in those? If I am going to get a semi M2 I think i would have the guy at KMP build it since CWA seams to be out of the business currently. CJG Thank you. 1 TNW M2HB, 1 KMP M2HB, 2 CWA M3HB's with KMP internals, 1 John McGuire M3HB with KMP internals. John McGuire is a personal friend, so to avoid any bias I'll reference a quote from Hunter on M2HB.net forum that I agree with 100%. JerryT M2HB.net forum Quote: 06-15-2008, 09:45 AM Hunter Senior Member Join Date: Mar 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The M2HB is indeed the heavy ground version and the M3AC is the lighter AC version. However, true M2HB kits are almost extinct (looking at $5500+ for parts alone these days if you do find a set). So what has been occuring is taking the M3AC kits and putting on the M2HB barrel/support front end, putting on modified "M3" spade grips and M2HB sights. Doing this one ends up with what has been called M3HBs. Functionally the same as the M2HB, but does use M3 internal parts. M3AC kits are in the $3500-$4000 range (still need RHSP, machine work, and rivits). For builders, TNW and Allied are really the only two large commercial operations running a business on these guns. The next outfit is Cental Wisconsin Armory (CWA) http://www.dragonm50.com/index.html , but the owner is on duty in Iraq presently. But his work is unapproachable and far above TNW / AA quality service. The next inline is John McQuire wcrifleclub@blomand.net who is a builder of top reputation for the 1919's; M2hb; M3HB weapons. He is a one man shop and it takes a while (months), but his work is also at the top end and in the same class as Ed's at CWA. Just doesn't get any better than these two guys. Both of these guys charge $1000-$1200 to just build your kit on your RHSP. The last builder to consider is Sam Alvarez at T&S but he only builds on his own 100% RHSP and they are the cat's meow as well (right there with Halo's in fit/finish/engraving) but he also adds induction harding as the orginal GI plates were done. His costs are also 2x others. Since these are semi-auto and use 4140 steel, the extra harding of the plates tail ends are not necessary, but Sam is of a different opinion and his are the most faithful reproduction to the USGI original specs. He also only produces small runs and it may take months before he makes a run of plates. http://www.99main.com/~heavymg/ __________________ Hunter
  7. I have 4 Tromix (8", 12", 2-19") with Shark Brakes, Enidine Shot Stocks with Magpul CTR's and can shoot 2 3/4 loads all day without any recoil punishment problems. 3" Mag loads start bothering me after about 20 rounds.
  8. 50's are my favorite iron by far. Current collection consists of a Maadi Griffin, McBros Tac-50, Barrett-82A1, Barrett CQ, 2-M2HB's, 3-M3HB's. The attached video link has shots of a few of my favorite fast shooters but FA Ma Deuce is the star of the show. It's an addiction. Once you go over to the 50BMG darkside, there is no going back http://media.putfile.com/MGSHOOT
  9. Thanks for the update Mike and persevering through, what I know from personal experience, is an extremely exhausting and frustrating exercise (Bringing a new product to market). As for those of little faith,
  10. Ditto +1 I have XS on both my 8" & 12" S17's and really is hard to beat.
  11. Ditto x 2. I just recieved my 8 & 12 inch S17's yesterday and they are flawless in all regards. Took them to the range and ran 200 rds thru them without a hic-up. I couldn't be more pleased. I'll be shooting the 8" at OFAST this weekend. Thanks Tony. Jerry
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