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  1. Look like the Form 4 get faster approval than Form 1.
  2. Bridis Thanks for doing this on your own time and money. Jesse
  3. Besides the factory 5 rounder MD 20's are all I own. I've got 3. Anything else is for little girls. Thanks
  4. Birdis , Do you have MD20 drum? If you are would you do the test to see if it will work? Thanks Jesse
  5. Rjrivero, Thank you very much. I'll give them a good long while before I call , They're probably busy. Thanks again. Jesse
  6. 1. NFA Item: SBR Vector Arms MP5-40 ( semi-auto) 2. Form Type: Form 1 3. Transferee Type: individual 4. Form 4 Sent: 08/5/2010 5. Delivered: 08/9/2010 6. Check Cashed: 08/18/2010 7. Pending Date: N/A 8. Approved Date: N/A 9. Form 4 Received: N/A 10. Picked up from Dealer: N/A 11. Examiner Name: N/A How can I check Pending date , Approved date? Thanks Jesse
  7. Is it in the top of the barrel where the ports are? That what I was thinking.
  8. Where is the scracth?
  9. If you build it yourself you can pick the parts that you want. I am going to build SBS(11.5" barrel) gas piston. I probably going to use Mega Machine lower and upper.
  10. look at the cross reference here LR44 battery cross reference.
  11. Soupbowl are they still in business?
  12. I have to ask Are you sure the gas piston is in the gas block? The reason I asked becuase it has happen to me. I forgot to put it in when I clean my S12. I have Nate prototype that he sent to me to test and write a review. It work fine for me.
  13. Looking at the pictures. There is no way it could be DIY project unless you have access to machine shop. It looks like the frame need to be modify. I would wait for Cobra .Just my 2 bits.
  14. Don't get me wrong the SPARC is a lot of dot scope for the money and I am keeping mine. The only thing I have to bitch about is the dot. It's more like a star burst even at the lowest setting. All and all It's good enough for me , after all I am only a mall ninja anyway.
  15. I have mine on Sig556 . It's seem to be a good scope. I also have a Konus Atomic on an AK47. The Konus is cheaper and the red dot are nice and round even at the highest setting. I am not impressed with the SPARC dot.
  16. USP40

    AR15 SBR

    Thank you much sir.
  17. USP40

    AR15 SBR

    Guys , How to do form 1 on AR15 reciever ( what caliber? can I use it with different caliber?)? Thanks Jesse
  18. You also can print them online. You also can fill in your info before you print them. here is the link http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5320-1.pdf and My link
  19. Got my Form1 back today.Now the second step.
  20. GA PD Thanks for the answer that help. 1. No prblem I was born in 61. 2. No problem I has been checked by DHS before when I went to take some classes in NM . 3.Oh no This is my first Form 1 so I am kind of nervous. also thanks Tritium.
  21. Guys , I dropped off my form 1 at the Sheriff office on Monday.They called me yesterday asking for my DOB. My question is why did they ask for my DOB? Thanks Jesse
  22. Thank you much. I have a friend oversea who just bought a Molot. He said he haing problem with FTE except the last round. I told him it could be that he didn't hold the gun tight against the shoulder?? He also said same thing happen with three different shooters. Any idea?
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