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  1. If you use regular size VFG you have to move it far enough toss the front so you can rock and lock your magazine in. Krebs make a short VFG that attached to the side rail instead of under the handguard. If you're planning to install a magwell then you can use any VFG you want. CORRECTION : It is call KCI forend grip adapter. KCI Grip adapter
  2. Cobra , I can send you one of mine first if you want .
  3. Gunboy , I don't know about anyone else but UPS rescheduled mine because no one was home and I need to sign for it.
  4. I had a few jumps with Ramair chute you have to flare at the right height and moment . I skid on my ass a couple of time. he he he.
  5. White 3 Golf , Have a safe trips and have fun man.
  6. If they did. It would be only to lay it inside a circle with candles burning while chanting, go away, please go away! Those guys are so fucked.
  7. Waltham41 , Those are the Vanuatu tribes of the Pentecost Island. I for one will jump from moving Aircraft in the air any days BUT I'll not do Bungee jump . Parachute jump have Reserve Chute but that just me.
  8. Gun Laws here are pretty good also SC is a Class III and Shall issue state. I lived here for 16 yrs now and love it. It was a big change at first moving here from California. SC gun laws
  9. Hmmm...I wonder how many trolls and WM people will sign up for the second pre-order. It would be funny as shit if someone who work for WM buy Mike drums.
  10. Cobra , The bolt release Is it on the left or right side of the S12?
  11. Well the UPS stop by today...... and I got my drums wooo hoo. All I can say is I feel sorry for those who cancel their ordres. Excellent product Mike thanks.
  12. Whenever that happens to me, it means that they couldn't find the house or that there wasn't anyone to sign for it, if applicable. Yea I looked on the UPS website again they re-schedule it for tomorrow . You're correct I have to sign for it . I'm going to stick a ote on the door for the guy to leave it on the porch.
  13. Sorry to hear about Bob. Cobra if you like jumping try this outfit . Ran by ex-SF guy . WWII ADT I had plan to join them but my wife stop me cold but I havn't gave up working on her yet he he he. I don't about anyone else but my first jump was pitch black cause both of eyes were closed ha ha ha.
  14. The UPS didn't come today , It still said out for delivery on their tracking website.
  15. man I went home for lunch and went back again at 14:35 still nothing.
  16. Happy Birthday Bob , That was awesome Cobra. I never done free fall yet just static line jumps. Yes start a new thread please.
  17. Cobra , How many jumps you have to do to be qaulified as Chairborn?
  18. I should get my drums tomorrow according to the tracking number .
  19. Dude look around . Do some searching.
  20. USP40


    I have a PSL with x4 scope , the glass seem to be clear for the price but it was a bitch to set at first.
  21. look like someone beat me to it. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/index.p...products_id=231
  22. Thanks Nathan , I looked around in your site but didn't see it so I figure I ask you here. I'll order one tomorrow. Jesse
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