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Found 25 results

  1. Looking for someone's annular cutters.anyone have any. 9mm. 45. 308. 17 Or 223
  2. Fellow members and visitors… Do to some extreme health issues, I’m getting out of my SAIGA .308 hobby. This is a package deal for the whole thing… I don’t really want to attempt to part-out the various items… REDUCED WTS - $1,000.00 + shipping This weapon is the 4th .308 Saiga conversion I’ve done. It was completed about Five (5) years ago. I ran ~20 rounds through the weapon to verify function and safety, and then put it away… my go-to-weapon in case of zombie uprising… The basic weapon is a Saiga .308, 16”. It has a T-6 stock installed. I had Cobra install his “T6-buffe
  3. With you just joining today I encourage you to post a FOR SALE item in the for sale section. ALSO...read the rules page found here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules Very respectfully, GySgt New River
  4. Here's some more praise for these guys. I was having some issues with some older Csspec 20 round mags. Out of warranty. They had about a thousand rounds a piece through them. Just minor feed issues. I sent them back and they put new springs in and adjusted the follower angle a bit. They run as good as new. Thanks again Mike!
  5. video update of it in action. First time wife had ever heard it!
  6. Hi All, I'm finally doing a conversion for my 2 .308s and have been trying to find a good forearm setup. I'd like to have rails for both rifles, but would like something for a two-piece setup (already converted with tubes from Dinzag). It's not clear to me what options are available - looks like everything's for stock setup. Any pointers to rails that may work? Thanks, Rip
  7. I loved my stock .308 but wanted to make it more exciting. I have owned only a couple of guns, but have never really made one "mine". Gun Started off stock, simple, great. The only non stock thing I had were the 24rd Magazines, and some cheap ass hunting / plinking ammo. The OAL length was never a problem, and gun performed flawlessly during hunts. Nosler Ballistic Tip dropped this 260 lb Hog with 1 shot. Whole right side of face blown off where arrow pointing. (Nosler) For reference purposes: Nosler 30 Cal I was also able to drop two 115-135 l
  8. cSnells


    Finished Product
  9. I have seen other threads regarding the .223 kush JB weld picatinny mount (which was gorgeous by the way, and awesome green color). I was wondering if there have been any updates or new ways of mounting a picatinny rail on the gas tube of the .308 without interfering with piston. Gun is about half way built. Have red dot, recoil pad, side rail mounts, lasers flashlights sling ect ready to go. Just need tangs sawed off, picatinny rail on tube and dremel around magazine release. (Screws are out in pic) Does not sit flush because of Mag release All co
  10. cSnells

    .308 Kushnapup

    Just finished sandblasting, cerakoted matte white. still need to dremel back near mag release so it fits flush. Tangs chopped, and gas tube picatinny mount. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  11. I'm converting a Saiga .308 and I'm at the step where I need to remove the trigger assembly. I know that I can't just pound the pins out- I have to drill out the shoulder. The issue is that I put one of my bits from my set into my drill press, set my Saiga down, started drilling, and before I knew it I had ground my bit down to two thirds it's length, and my trigger pin shoulder had an indention of less than 1/8th of an inch. Clearly my bits aren't going to go through that shoulder any time soon. I'm about 4 minutes away from a hardware store so I'm thinking I'll head down there and buy a
  12. I'm still a little mixed up on importers and what they did to them once they arrived here in the states. Did some importers mill new receivers on some of these rifles and reassemble them before passing them on, or did they come that way from Russia? I am now seeing a FIME type/importers version of a Arsenal in 7.62x39 (I know, I'm crossing forums, I posted in both... hope you don't mind) and something about Arsenal phasing out some/all of it rifles. I know its tough, but could someone school me in Importers/setups reliability and desirability (.223-5.56-7.62 or even .308)? I am goi
  13. I'm still a little mixed up on importers and what they did to them once they arrived here in the states. Did some importers mill new receivers on some of these rifles and reassemble them before passing them on, or did they come that way from Russia? I am now seeing a FIME type/importers version of a Arsenal in 7.62x39 (I know, I'm crossing forums, I posted in both... hope you don't mind) and something about Arsenal phasing out some/all of it rifles. I know its tough, but could someone school me in Importers/setups reliability and desirability (.223-5.56-7.62 or even .308)? I am goi
  14. I have been hunting around for my next gun. I thought it would be the springfield armory .308 M1. since everyone has gone crazy these aren't even available, and at 1800-2000 if they are. I found a site that has .308 vepr supers in stock. they look nice with the thumbhole stock and the full wood. Is 1219 an ok price? pre craze i see people talking 1100 so it doesn't seem that bad. Looking around the site i see that people say scope mounting is tough on these, or better said the scopes are high. any advice? also the one im looking at says nothing about the side claw mount. does it come with that
  16. So I wanted to share a little information I have found so far in hand loading for my Saiga .308. I have a converted Saiga .308 with a 16" barrel. I use this information to load in bulk. I am much more exact with bolt guns or when making hunting/match loads. Always remeber to approach max loads cautiously as each gun is different. Start low and work your way up being mindful of pressure signs. Due to the short barrel and my love for Hodgdon Extreme powders, I decided to try Benchmark which is the same powder I use in reloading for my .223/5.56 AR's. Benchmark is an extruded powder cu
  17. I finally knocked my .308's FSB off and found that I have a 0.670" diameter underneath it. I've read Dinzag's tutorial on the subject, which says: But, if you'll excuse what reads like a child's temper tantrum, I don't want 17x1mm muzzle threads. I want a Battlecomp like Jim Digriz. I'd at least prefer the option to use any of the many, varied muzzle devices made for the 5/8-24 threads. So here's the question, is the conventional wisdom that a 0.670" muzzle cannot be threaded in 5/8-24 just a guideline, or is it a sure thing that I'm going to screw something up if I try it? I
  18. Does anyone know if a Tapco AK47/74 piston will fit in a Vepr .308 that doesn't have integrated sights? If not does anyone know who makes one that will? I'm trying to make it 922r compliant without changing out the factory stock. Thanks
  19. Hey guys, Just a quick question to the experts out here ... working on my Saiga .308 build, generally very happy with the rifle. I am curious though ... while researching specs there is some debate about the receiver thickness versus the VEPR model. Some claim it has a heavy barrel, some claim it doesn't, some claim the receiver is as thick as a VEPR, some say it is a standard 1 mm receiver thickness. Just trying to clear up some issues about S308 construction and durability. This guy on AR15 states: In the .308 version, both brands use the wider RPK-style trunnions (and thicker 1.5mm
  20. ManOnTheHIll

    I have learned a great deal thankfully to the brain trust of this great forum. I almost have enough dough to move ahead with my Saiga .308 conversion. I’ve already decided on the SGM bolt-on muzzle break and the Csspecs metal mags, again, thanks to all the discussions here. I love AKs and all the variants, and plan on making Saiga conversions my new hobby. I have a few questions. First off, I have an awesome Century Arms Polish AKM 60 (milled receiver). It didn’t come with a side scope rail so after much research, I installed the Samson mini-rail that replaces the leaf sights.
  21. Hey folks, does anyone out there have any experience with the new Sig Sauer 716 yet? I'm shopping around for a .308/7.62x51mm battle rifle and needless to say the Sig 716 caught my eye. I've spent some time with the M14/M1A but it just doesn't really grab me, just I'm not into the ergonomics like I was expecting to be. The FN SCAR-H seems like a really cool, high-tech rifle that is worth further investigation, but it simply too overpriced in my opinion to be considered. I don't like that it uses proprietary mags either. I became quite enamored with the FAL platform after shooting a friend'
  22. Savage M10 BAS-K - .308/7.62x51 24inch Free Float Fluted Barrel with Muzzle Brake Adjustable Stock with cheek piece 10 Round Detachable Magazine Adjustable Harris Bipod Accu-Trigger SWFA SS 10x42 Scope with 6 Screw 30mm Rings ACU patterned padded soft case (drag bag) I'll throw some .308 in too to get you started. (FTF ONLY) She kick's like an AR and shoots .5 MOA at 200yds with Walmart Ammo. $1800 SHIPPED Will sell without scope and rings for $1500 SHIPPED or just the gun for $1400 SHIPPED
  23. From the album: Beastmode

    This is after I installed the Texas Weapon System Dogleg rail with peep sight..sick.
  24. Saiga .308, lightly used, well cared for. Adjustable stock, Tapco G2 trigger, Krebs retainer plate, 2-25 round surefire mags and 1-10 round factory mag. $800.00 shipped. Regards, Calen Smith
  25. I am having issues with removing the FCG from the gun. I talked to some friends who completed this process but it was a while back and couldnt remember how exactly they did it. All the videos i see on the net are for the 7.62x39 which requires two rivets to be drilled out. the 308 is a little different and it has some pins that seem to have a larger diameter on both sides of the left side opening and I was wondering if someone can shed some light on how to do this without ruining my gun. Ive attached two pics to show what i am talking about. Can anyone help??
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