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  1. Trying to find a Lower Retainer for my vepr, I have a RPK stock set I would like put on it. most places I find one are sold out. Thanks for any help.
  2. Makc

    Vepr .308 Super

    Vepr .308 Super with POPS 4x24
  3. Multiple magazines for sale! All Magazines are New Old Stock. Meaning I've owned them for a while but never loaded them. I have since sold the weapons. Payment via discrete paypal. 5 -- (4xFDE and 1xBLK) AGP Arms Saiga12 10rd mags = $35.00ea shipped or $150 all 5 shipped----Sold VEPR12 5rd factory mags (Last one) = $45.00 shipped Saiga12 5rd factory mag = $35.00 shipped MD Arms 20rd drum for Saiga12 = $65.00 shipped
  4. ANNOUNCING!! Carolina Shooters Supply would like to announce our SALES PROMOTION FOR SUMMER 2015!! Every week starting Monday June 1st and running through August, we will announce a new Weekly Special on select products in our e-store!! From magazines to sights, anything we have could be part of the weekly promotion! We will be posting these deals on our website, Facebook page, and various forums every Monday morning for the rest of the summer! Keep an eye out each week for new deals! You never know what could be up next… The CSS Team
  5. Vepr Rifle Modified Trigger fire control group This fire control group has been modified to fit any Vepr rifle but especially the 762x54R and the 308 (the hammer has been modified to fit these rifles). This trigger kit will vastly reduce your trigger pull and improve trigger performance. We have plenty of this hard to find trigger conversion kit in stock so don't hesitate! http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/…/css-vepr-trigger.htm
  6. I have a IZ433 (so basically an Izmash made Vepr-12) and it was having issues running cheap birdshot. The main problem was I had my red dot placed right in the way of the ejecting shells, causing misfeeds. I moved the red dot to the rear of the receiver and that definitely improved my reliability, however I was still experiencing jams or misfeeds every couple of magazines. I polished up the rails, hammer, and the part of the bolt carrier that contacts the rails hoping to get the degree of reliability I wanted using light loads. Now I experience a jam maybe 3-4 times out of about 100 shells. I
  7. Started this project in another thread, and decided to give it it's own thread to keep that one from getting too off topic. As opposed to buying a PSL, I decided to go for a Dragonov look with a stock 23" VEPR .308 that I had in the safe. I ordered a set of SVD furniture from Rhineland Arms in tiger maple, and did some modifying on the edges to suit my personal tastes: I wanted a wood cheek riser to replace the rubber one that came from RA. I ordered a top choice 18" tiger maple blank from BellForest woods for $10: I used an old UTG picatinny rail mount bipod that I modifie
  8. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the parts for conversions and modification of some magazines for LRBHO. First: Looking at the conversion kits at California Shooters Supply at my options for converting my newly purchased IZ-433, and I have some concerns about the trigger guard. I don't really see any information showing if either of the trigger guard options will interfere with the tab up front for the mag well. I would imagine the answer is no, but I have no way to make a real mock up other than to use the pins in the receiver for an approximate of where the trigger guard will e
  9. From the album: TigerFire13

    100yds from the bench. shooting for group size. Vepr .308, v1 sights, slantback. 6-18x44 Vortex Crossfire II.
  10. TigerFire13

    Vepr .308

    From the album: TigerFire13

    Vepr .308, v1 sights, slantback. 6-18x44 Vortex Crossfire II. CANIS Designs Stock adapter, and Magpul handguard adapter. CSSPECS 10rd Vepr 308 mags.
  11. Bought three rifles right before/at the sanctions. All three were bought for investment purposes: Now I want to keep them all. However common sense says to keep one and keep two unfired down the road for investment purposes. So which one do you keep? From left to right: VEPR 23" .308, Saiga 7.62x39 converted, or VEPR 16" 5.45x39? I love the wood on the VEPR 5.45 so regardless of whether I choose either the .308 or the 5.45, that wood is coming with the rifle. A little background.. I have multiple .308's but no AK format. I have another Saiga 7.62x39, but not a full wood version.
  12. UPDATE 2 03/20/2014: Items are SPF. UPDATE 03/20/2014: Price dropped to $60 shipped. Final price drop. If they don't sell for $60, I'm keeping them. UPDATE 03/13/2014: Price dropped to $70 shipped. I have two 12 round Vepr-12 shotgun mags by SGM for sale. One of them is in mint condition and the other one is still sealed. These are made in the US and count as three parts towards 922r compliance. I am asking $80 $70 $60 shipped (USPS Standard) for the two mags. 48 continental States only, please. Payment through Paypal. I pack well and ship the next business day. First on
  13. Just spotted this on Atlantic: https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-accessories/vepr-7-62x54r-20-round-magazine-detail.html?Itemid=0 I never though I'd see anything bigger than the 10s. I'll probably buy a pair or so. . . Can't wait!
  14. TigerFire13

    VEPR 5.45x39

    From the album: TigerFire13

    Mostly tame VEPR. Bullet guide / normal-capacity magazines, Primary Arms Red Dot on a Midwest Industries 30mm mount. Yep, I'm a lefty.
  15. UPDATE2: SOLD UPDATE: SPF I am selling this lightly used scope mount for the Vepr Super models equipped for such mounts. This mount will NOT work with the AK side-rail equipped Verp Supers, which don't have the little top mount rails on both sides of the receiver, next to the rear trunnion. I had to sell my Vepr Super and this was my second, “backup” mount. It does have a few scuffs and scratches on it - typical Russian enamel finish, but is in perfect working order. I’ve never bent the locking lever on this one. It does come with the original Molot 1” scope rings, but honestly, the
  16. From the album: Vepr54r 27"

    Nice quality hand checkered foregrip.
  17. With wood this nice, I'll be unlikely to put anything polymer on it. Though I'll likely get a set of Ironwood's SVD wood just to have a nice spare.
  18. From the album: Vepr54r 27"

    The wood thumbhole stock from my new slantback 54r Vepr
  19. From the album: Vepr54r 27"

    The rear sight. Has windage as well as elevation adjustments.
  20. From the album: Vepr54r 27"

    My new Vepr 54r Slantback 27" from Molot-usa
  21. Greetings all, I'm looking to get some glass for my Vepr 7.62x54r, and have narrowed it down to 3 of the POSP options. I'd like some advice on pros/cons of the different ones. 3-9x42 from Kalinka, $330: http://kalinkaoptics.com/catalog/product/view/id/343/ 3-9x42V from Eastwave, $339: http://www.eastwavescope.com/index.php? ... 68&lang=en 4-8x42VD from Eastwave, $299: http://www.eastwavescope.com/index.php? ... 69&lang=en Is the zoom versatility between the 2 Eastwave options worth $40? If so, is there any significant difference between the two 3-9x42 options (other than
  22. I am just about to buy either a MKA 1919 or a Vepr 12. I am based in the UK and will only use for practical shotgun competitions. With my budget I can only get the Standard Vepr 12 but the MKA will have a new stock, Level 10 tooth and nail forend, new bolt handle, trigger replaced, new gas block etc. Both these come out between $2,500 and $3,000 Which should I buy? Steve
  23. for sale i have (8) vepr 12 round mags by sgm tactical these are brand new i bought them from css then finances forced the sale of the vepr 12 so now i have 8 mags and no gun. 300$ shipped to your door for all 8 i dont have any pics but as i said they are new from css. the fastest way to get a hold of me is email motopilot1@hotmail.com thanks
  24. From the album: Chaos Vepr-12 Quad Rail System

    NEW Vepr-12 Quad Rail System by Chaos Made specifically for the Vepr-12, the Chaos Vepr 12 Quad Rail System is manufactured to highest standards in the industry. Our MIL-STD-1913 rails are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy. Hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 or Type III non-reflective black. Weight: 12 oz. *** No modification or gunsmithing required for the installation *** In stock and ready to ship in Saiga-12.com E-store

    © Saiga-12.com

  25. From the album: Chaos Vepr-12 Quad Rail System

    NEW Vepr-12 Quad Rail System by Chaos Made specifically for the Vepr-12, the Chaos Vepr 12 Quad Rail System is manufactured to highest standards in the industry. Our MIL-STD-1913 rails are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy. Hard coat military specification MIL-A-8625 or Type III non-reflective black. Weight: 12 oz. *** No modification or gunsmithing required for the installation *** In stock and ready to ship in Saiga-12.com E-store

    © Saiga-12.com

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