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  1. I've been looking for a 5.56 Draco, "Champion" I've seen them called, for a while. I'd love to have an SBR Draco with an AR mag adapter and a suppressor.
  2. A "gang of youths" apparently includes a 21 year-old with a pipe and a 32 year-old with a gun. You know, kids will be kids.
  3. I'm considering developing a thin, triangular charging handle that would run along the top of the carrier, but I'm not sure the clearance there, and it would likely impose on other's patents if I tried to sell it.
  4. You do realize the whole movie was sarcastic, right?
  5. I used a Dremel, HOWEVER, I cut off a large portion of the adapter sidewalls before removing any of the trunnion. So I really only took enough of the trunnion off to be able to fit the square-fronted AR mags in.
  6. SirROFL


    Use this to see what you can/need to replace... http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaVerifyCompliance Most of the high-cap mags are American made anyways, so those will count as 3 U.S. made parts. Change the forend or gas piston to make it compliant. On the bright side, the .308s are the easiest Saiga to convert back to AK configuration, and trust me it's worth it.
  7. I put one of these on my .223 Saiga. It changed from about 4 feet fireball with Tula ammo, to just a tiny spark or no flash at all.
  8. It might be easier to simply buy a small PV solar panel to power an electric water heater separate from your tank. That way if the sun isn't out or the closed-circuit solar unit can't handle the load the regular heater will kick on as it usually would. This way requires less work and fewer trips to the plumbing store.
  9. Please tell me you figured out that Eli was blind. Sorry, so many people didn't even notice when they watched the movie. Yeah, it reminded me of the importance of other things, though. I'm reconsidering my water and food storage/production methods.
  10. To be honest I would rather have a heavy forend than a light one. When I remove my Ultimak forend the balance of the entire rifle changes, and it's much more difficult to keep the rifle on target for follow-up shots. Perhaps that's just me, YMMV, but I love my Ultimak rails, they have proven to be solid enough for my purposes.
  11. Some Saiga's have dimples, some have different barrels, it happens. Just tape up a cleaning rod and find out for yourself, as each one is likely different.
  12. SirROFL


    What does a refrigerator do? Makes something MORE REFRIGERATED. Hence a silencer, makes loud sound MORE SILENTED.
  13. Not much elbow grease at all, then again, it was used in conjunction with a little heat. The Windex doesn't cut into the wood well enough to be used by itself.
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