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  1. I like the Century one for the longer barrel and handguard. The only thing keeping me from buying one is the price. When I was at the NRA convention show in Indianapolis, I asked the AR and AK 9mm pistol/rifle makers why they are so expensive and they said because of the high demand. I remember AR rifles were really expensive during the dark Obama years. The Century is also made by Cugir in Romania but looks more like an AK and uses GLock magazines which are inexpensive and easily available.
  2. Riveted construction is what aircraft are built. They use aluminum because it can flex more than steel and it won't work harden. Aircraft are subjected to a lot of stress and vibrations in flight and the material's flexibility is why they use it. Airframes last for a long time; look at the B-52 bombers that are still flying since the 1950s. They do repair cracks and replace parts to keep them in the air. The Boeing 747 and DC-10s are still flying and some are decades old. The galvanic corrosion issue can be dealt with using anti seize lubricant to separate the dissimilar metals.
  3. I made the same mistake about 17 years ago until I found out that they use left hand threads. It threads on in a counter clockwise direction.
  4. Thanks to everyone. I see her every day when I am able to. No breaks for holidays or weekends. I only stay away when I don' feel well or when my borther comes to town. I appreciate your support.
  5. Thank you Ronin38. Unfortunately, the stroke left her paralyzed on her right side and her speech is also affected. it's painful to see her being helpless after being independent. She's been in a nursing home in long term care and I go to see her daily to ensure that she gets good care.
  6. Has anyone else experienced flight delays and cancellations when using American Airlines? Last summer I was accompanying my 80 year old mother on a flight to Israel taking American to connect with El Al. The first day the flight from Cincinnati to JFK was cancelled and we came back the next day to take a flight connecting to Reagan National to JFK. The flights to JFK were delayed and while other airlines were taking off and landing, the American planes were sitting on the side of the tarmac. We missed the JFK connection and they put us on a flight to Boston to catch the El Al flight which was departing at 9:00. We arrived at 9:30 and they wanted to put us on Turdkish Airways and when my mother saw the Turdkish counter she said that the doesn't trust Muslims so we went back to American and they gave us a flight on Air Canada the next day. In the meanwhile they lost our bags and did not put us up in a hotel for the night claiming that there was an LGBT convention which took up all the hotel rooms. We stayed with a relative in the Boston area that night and in the morning my mother told me to go ahead without her and she'll return to Cincinnati in a few days. When I arrived in Israel, I was informed that my mother suffered a stroke from all the stress that American Airlines caused us and had to return two days later. YNet in Israel reported about the work slowdown but the fake news media won't report on their fellow DemocRat union thugs.
  7. They kill homosexuals after they gang sodomize them. The Orlando terrorist was also a homosexual DemocRAT. Their 'religion' allows sex with small boys and animals and condemn homosexuality in the same sentence. Sounds like a schizophrenic excuse for a religion to me. That's their aim to control us.
  8. My wife's friends are from Venezuela and they have to send money to their families to buy food on the black market. They also have to pay protection money to gangs just to pass thru to get to their neighborhoods or their cars will get bombarded with rocks. It's fucked up and has gotten worse since Chavez died. His replacement is even worse.
  9. Nothing new. The Detroit Free Press did the same thing in 2002 or 03 where the reporter claimed that he went to the gun show at the Gibraltar Trade Center and bought an SKS then he bought a full auto conversion kit and a 30 round magazine.He claimed that he took a gang member with felonies to the show. He didn't expect the backlash at his fabricated story. I lived in Michigan and NEVER saw a full auto kit at any gun show. I emailed the reported stating that he committed numerous felonies taking a felon to a gun show and (if he told the truth) had he bought a full auto conversion kit with the rifle intended for it is another federal felony. He claimed that he turned the SKS, 30 round magazine and full auto conversion kit to the Wayne County Sheriff. I never had the time to verify his story about giving the sheriff the rifle but I doubt this even happened. I attended the shows and NEVER saw a full auto conversion kit which the ATF would have arrested the seller in an instant. Anti gun libturds have no respect for the truth when they push their agenda of Nazi style laws banning the private ownership of weapons.
  10. Isn't socialism wonderful? NOT! Everywhere socialism was implemented it resulted in disaster and death. The USSR under Stalin starved millions and murdered countless others. Hitler murdered millions and it took the Allied forces years to defeat. Mao murdered 70 million of his own countrymen. Allende in Chile until his being deposed fucked up that country. Most Latin American countries are either socialist or military dictatorships. Venezuela is going down the toilet from socialism and now they are working to impose this on us. I remember one libturd dingbat that my parents knew gloated about Mexico after they returned from there saying "they have socialism" and I think she had a bigger orgasm from saying it that her husband ever gave her. I told another idiot who said the same thing that Hitler was also a socialist, I shit on her parade and her ecstasy disappeared in an instant. She didn't want to hear that.
  11. I saw a 12 ga AR looking shotgun made by a Turkish company in the US at the NRA Convention show. They are making them here because of the import laws make it easier to make it here for the US market. I am not crazy about Turkish firearms and getting replacement parts is a problem for someone I know. I would take the S-12 over any of these shotguns even though they would make good companions to AR rifle owners.
  12. I like the chevron better than the dot probably because that's the first scope that I used was a Belarussian one which has a chevron. This scope is nice.
  13. Actually I did see a Ford Focus where someone added a V8 engine and rear wheel drive that someone who worked at Ford in Dearborn modified. It was too front end heavy and the wide tires meant a narrow rear axle. For those who can't get a Saiga this may be the way to go. I also prefer autoloading shotguns but the cost is high on top of the shotgun price and you have two receivers which are considered firearms.
  14. I would be wary of Turkish made shotguns. I know someone who owns a Verona shotgun made in Turkey and Sarsilmaz won't answer emails on how to get a new extractor to replace the broken one. The MKA1919 is also Turkish. Turkey is also becoming more Islamicized with dreams of reviving the Ottoman Empire and is aiding the ISIS terrorists so I wouldn't give them my money. I know of two cops in my area who own S12s and had their department armorers do the conversion.
  15. The 'sporting use' comes from the 1938 Nazi law which the 1968 Gun Control Act was copied from. This is documented by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms ownership. It's hard to understand how World War II veterans voted to implement this Nazi law 23 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Apparently the progressives decided to continue in their path to taking our rights away. Remember how a nine year old accidentally killed the guy who was showing him how to use a submachine gun? That was a stupid move which cost a life and a boy who will have to live with this for the rest of his life traumatized by the accidental killing. At least at Knob Creek, the range has range officers who ensure that safety rules are obeyed at the range when they have the twice a year machine gun shoot.
  16. Both posts show the same worry that I have. Our Fuehrer will find someone worse and more devious to trample our rights.
  17. This says it all. Better a pissed off ObHaman than a nuclear Iran. Even the Saudis are scared of the Iranian nuclear threat since they would be the first targets. My relatives in Israel told me that they didn't want Obama's boyfriend Herzog to be prime minister and voted him out in great numbers. The Jew haters in the forum should remember that to the Islamic madmen Israel is the "Little Satan" while the US is the "Gret Satan" and that the KKK was founded by the DemocRAT Party. The Iranian madmen hae the US in their sights and Israel is the roadblock.
  18. I agree, it's an overpriced Heckler & Koch design in 7.62x39. That handguard looks like it won't protect your hand with a hot barrel. I assume it's reliable being a proven H&K design.
  19. That's what they are foaming at the mouth about. This is another ploy for that. Haven't they fucked up the country with theit 'progressive' agenda prgressively taking our rights away?
  20. I remember one of my classmates drawing a pair of breasts which he disguised as a basset hound which pissed thethe teacher. Another boy drew a cursive W to look like a girl's ass. This was in the late 60s when that was frowned upon. I think that teacher needed a good hard dick to calm her down.
  21. Dont' buy Gateway of Acer. They are identical aside from the label. My brother gave my daughters Acer laptops which the keys broke off and the computers crapped out. The only thing I salvaged were the hard drives which I made external USB drives with an adapter I got at Micro Center. HP is not my favorite either because their customer service sucks. My daughter got an HP laptop to replace the crappy Acer and it was missing the WiFi driver and when I called HP the tech was a real dickhead and he only agreed to help when I told him that I would return the computer and get a Toshiba. I had good luck with Toshiba and Asus. Lenovo is also good from what I hear.
  22. Good luck finding parts if it breaks down. My friend has a Verona shotgun made by Sarsilmaz with a broken extractor which is almost impossible to find. Numrich had them and they sold out of them. I won't buy Turdkish products because I don't want to aid their madman Erdrogan.
  23. That's a lot cheaper than the Baby Eagle which is made by IWI.
  24. I remember seeing AR that use AK mags and one of them was called an AR-47 and it cost twice as much as an AK at the time. The Mossberg AK clone is a .22 but it looks nice if you can get ammo for it. It's probably the Mossberg 702 under the AK veneer like the one which looks like an AR-15.
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