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  1. I'll take 3578. Thanks Mike.
  2. Try CSS,MAA,DPH for your needs. You could also try lastly ACE. Beagle12
  3. It depends on which receiver block you use to mount it. If you use an external block you could still use it but using the 6 positions might make the Saiga 12 a bit on the lenghty side. This would be OK as long as you are a big person with a long reach. I used the ACE external with a VLTOR 6 position E-Mod stock. At the shortest position the stock is perfect for me. Hope this helps. Beagle12
  4. Hi kencrawleysc, I'm in Dorchester too. Where do you take your baby to shoot and why is it in the class 3 locker in the first place? beagle12
  5. I used an ace Universal Receiver Block with CAR Stock Adapter with a pignose. You get both when you order the adaptor. It is solid metal and not plastic. beagle12
  6. I used an ace Universal Receiver Block with CAR Stock Adapter. It is solid metal and no tang removal is required. This one comes with a pig nose adaptor also. I did find that ace was a bit slow on the shipping as it took nearly 2 months to get it after many calls to them. But it is a good product and well worth the wait. Again it is solid metal and not plastic. Beagle12
  7. Just one note to add. I installed the enidine shot shock to my S12 right out of the box. I did not have any break in time on it. The first time I took it to the range the enidine was on it. No problems from the get go. Beagle12
  8. I also have one on my S12. I also put a gunfixer plug on it. I have had no problems with it. The recoil is minimized and a woman would be able to use it comfortably. I am using the gen2 agp 10 rnd mags. It has cycled everything I have put through it without a hitch. Rapid fire is a no problem with this set up. I feel that I could shoot this S12 all day long without injuring my shoulder. Very comfortable to shoot. I am planning to post what I did with pictures as soon as I have some time. I did not have to cut the tang and used a VLTOR adjustable stock to finish it off. My personal expe
  9. The $381 price I told you was for the nickel brand new. The blued new was $361. beagle12
  10. You paid too much for the Judge. It sells here for $381. beagle12
  11. beagle12

    Ammo ration

    Hi all, I am in the same boat with wally world here. Could not buy ammo after 10pm and had to wait until 7am. I was told by the manager that it was wally world corporate policy. Sooooooo I called the district manager of wally world and guess what no such corporate policy exists. He did make a mention that there were some special rules for illinois state but none other. Now then this district guy told me he was appaled that sales from 10pm to 7am were being refused as you see wally world sales (according to him) had reduced significantly. I live in SC so you need to check your local a
  12. The spiderfire I got from fleabay. Took about 10 days to get it but then I waited for over 2 months to get something from ACE. The light is well worth the money and it is LED. This light is bright. I have it attached to my S12 in the 2 battery configuration with the pressure pad. Beagle12
  13. Here is my light, It is a Spiderfire--300 lumens cree light. 5 modes- 100% power, 80% power, 50% power, strobe effect and S.O.S mode. 1" Dia., Aluminum, o ring sealed, metal tactical bezel(the prongs.) Can be used for defense. Good rugged light and bright. CR123 batts, 3,2,1 your choice. This light is like getting 3 lights in one. Awesome light. Has a spring to add to the bulb for shock cushioning. Cost me $59.00 I also ordered a pressure pad for the light cost me another $13.00. Here are some pics. Beagle12
  14. Trigger is not binding. I have seen that one portion of the back part of the trigger is not releasing the hammer like it should. I will take my dremel and polish a little and see if that will help. I will post pic of what I did and let everyone know if that resets the trigger to firing position. beagle12
  15. Spring is in the correct position. both legs of the spring seem to be correctly placed over the trigger. Not sure why trigger is not returning to fire position. Beagle12
  16. Here is an update. I have taken the back cover off and cycled the bolt. I found that the hammer was in the cocked position but the trigger failed to set back to normal. It stayed in the most rearward position almost against the trigger guard of course making it impossible to fire. any additional help will be appreciated. beagle12
  17. Additional info. My gun has 4 ports in barrel. The axis pins are in the same position as when they came out. They are not loose in the holes at all. When I manually cycle the bolt the hammer locks in position. Am I having a short recoil occur on the bolt? Seems if I was getting short recoil then it would not strip another round from the magazine which is happening just fine hammer will not cock and lock. Beagle12
  18. Hi all, Here is a new problem I have not read about. Happened to me today. I took my newly converted S12 out to the range today. I have a tromix FCG, tromix trigger guard, enedine shot shock. No BJ buffer installed. I was using 2 3/4" remington 00 buck and 1 ounce slugs. 5 round factory mag. First round fired and ejected and fed another round into the chamber but heres the problem hammer did not cock. Setting on 1. Took mag out ejected the loaded shell and reinserted mag. Chambered round and same thing happened again. Tried setting 2 same thing. First round fired ejected fine another
  19. Hi all, Did my conversion saturday and all went well until I tried to put the safety in. Same thing happened. Came to this site and did a search and found the thread about notching the BHO. Did that and still would not go in. Took a flashlight to the hole and found out that the retaining plate was not exactly linning up with the hole in the receiver keeping the safty from going in. Took a dremel and opened the hole up a bit and everything slid in like it was supposed. My gun is finished. A little too late maybe to help but it might help someone else. Thanks to all that have given input
  20. Have you looked at the VLTOR Emod stock. Slightly larger than the magpul and to me a lot better. beagle12
  21. Could someone please guide me to or explain in detail how to insert the retaining plate into my S12. Tried a search and could not come up with anything. Thanks a bunch in advance. Beagle12
  22. Ok. I have one question. If the magazine is locked to the gun sort of permanently--how does one reload the magazine--take the gun apart and load it from the top? Just my curiosity. Beagle12
  23. Went to a gun show here in SC last weekend. Saiga 12s were going for @ $629. Three months ago at the same show you could not buy one for under $800. 223 models going for $448, and 308s were going for $549. Beagle12
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