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  1. Anytime considering rubber overmolded goodies for the front end, my number one question is, "how well does it handle heat?"
  2. If I could not convert the S-308, would I still want one? Heck yes I would!!! I loved taking the unconverted one with me in Fudd country when I wanted a utility rifle to go for walks and maybe shoot a deer. Sometimes I like to go stealth. The .308 and detachable mags up the firepower from what a bolt gun would give me should I ever need it, and the beautiful part, is that underneath that "hunting gun" appearance is a pretty reliable semi auto action.
  3. Man! That's thing sure looks jagged! I thought they would be hard and smooth.
  4. The USFDA's website says that they can be a side effect of taking mega doses of vitamin C.
  5. About 10 years ago a friend of mine was laughing at a guy who was wearing a Saints coat. We were in a church building at the time. I told him that with a name like that they should be the best.... But who would have thought...
  6. What you guys need is to get your hands on a sled,snowmobile! There a lot of fun if you don't crash. Actual sleds can be fun to. I remember going to an indoor party one time were there were a bunch of college girls were drunk. They seen that I had a bunch of sleds in the back of my truck and the next thing I know we were leaving with the keg to have a sledding party at a park! It's still kind of fun to do something like that once in a while and be a kid again., even without the girls and alcahol.
  7. I second that! Very nice! My hat's off to you man!
  8. Sounds like North Carolina and Tennn are getting some of that glogal warming like the rest of use did earlier... in the form of 10 inches of snow and freezing rain. How bout it Saiga southerners, is it as bad as they are claiming? warrior judge, cobra, racegal? How are yall gettn along?
  9. So what was it that got iy running? Was it reprofiling the bolt?
  10. From what I've highlighted, have you been running low brass loads and trying to get them to run 100% on setting #1? The gas plug is designed to allow enough gas to cycle the action using high brass (heavy) loads on setting #1, setting #2 allows more gas into the system and is for lower brass light loads. I suspect if you try the Federal Bulk Pack on setting #2 it will probably work great now that you have over enlarged the ports to .109. It may even be over gassed now. Just my .02 I hope you are able to get it up and running for your shooting matches.
  11. Middle name, and street would be Robert and Ash.? I guess it would be Bob Ash. lolol:
  12. Some other ideas... Are you using an action buffer? If so remove it and see if that cures the problem. Is the bolt carrier leaving a mark on the back of the reciever like it is slamming into it? Are the bottom of the rails rough? Do you have any pin working it's way out of the bolt/ca If you try all of the above, it could still be under gasses. I would not go bigger on the hole size... I would add a fourth if there's enough room. Some factory models come with four holes.
  13. Below is a link to a thread where someone rebarreled their 16" barrel and measured the gas port as being 0.055" with their calipers. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=34311&st=0&gopid=457436&
  14. well, this was the cheaper sollution, just screwing in the piston deeper. And it worked, it cycles perfect now. ejects them about 15 feet to the right. but I had considered a custom thicker piston, to add weight. I didn't know wolf sold heavier springs for the AK. There aren't to many good sollutions when you drill the port to big. 1/16" is about .0612", factory is 0.055" acording to my calipers. not much of a difference. I suspect the smaller bore or perhaps the higher velocity of the bullet made the difference, along with the longer barrel made for some energetic eje
  15. These pictures have been floating around for quite a few years. Been quite a bit of debate each time they pop up as to wheather or not these were actually working 7.62x39mm M16 that use AK mags. I'm not yet convinced these were. They were atleast not regular AK mags. It might be possible they could have been an earier version of the AK/AR franken mags we seen quite a bit later, but the curvature just doesn't look to be sharp enough to facilitate feeding. Some of the fraken mags that were marketed later actually worked. They were kind of hit and miss though. It's difficult to ge
  16. Another thing that can help is using a drillpress can make it esier to apply just enough pressure to make the bit cut without applying too much wich will dull it. Of coarse once the tip of the bit is made dull, your kind of trying to make it rub a hole through the metal rather than cut one.
  17. Colbalt bits, use cutting oil, and SLOW SPEED on the drill. All these things make a difference. I'd use a drill press and run it on the slowest speed it has if possible. This is so it actually has the chance to cut through the material.
  18. This is a good one that gets overlooked sometimes, especially when it's inside the house.
  19. I'm having a problem replying to our PM. I'll take it for $22.00 shipped per our PM. Send me your info, and I'll get a USPS money order out to you.
  20. Actualy, I'm not sure any of those were 12Guage. They did have rifles and .410.
  21. Atlantic Firearms, and was selling some like that that had came from a place called Arsenal if I remember correctly.
  22. I havn't touched any of that in 11 years. Never cared for it/wasn't my thing. I found i enjoy a good drink, and i'll stick with that. Still i do feel our treatment of weed is extreem, and a huge waste of manpower and money. I would rather see it taxed to death like cigs, better the money go to the state than organized crime. If people will pay over $7 a pack for cigs can you imagine what the state could charge for a dime bag? Maybe they should do the same thing with alcahol too. The state is already in the alcohol business here. I messed up and copied the wrong
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