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  1. You admit you were speeding. Shut your trap and pay your dues. Dumb ass. I got nailed in a 25 mph going 32 and it was 125$ Don't speed, and you won't get fined. I openly admit I was a dumbass, why won't you?
  2. My town had the Charles Starkweather (killed 11 people in 1959 in NE) car in it for a long time. (Truman Capote wrote a book - In Cold Blood). No one really knew about it or cared. It was behind a building next to the town trash dump site. I remember looking at it when I was about 16 or 17. Don't know if it is still there or not. Might have to drive up and take a look. Town pop. of 3400 or so. so not a long drive, lol.
  3. Boba builds some cool radical shit. He has insight. Skill abilities. What the hell is your problem with that MT? Just trying to get some feedback. Chill, dude. Don't like it - don't post.
  4. Boba, just curious, does the Knox fold stock help when shooting pistol grip style, without it unfolded? I put just a Knox pistol grip on my Mossy 590, and it still kicked very hard (at least compared to the Saiga-12) using 00-buck. Other than that, looks like a nice clean build! Congrats.
  5. Whatever happened to filling the cavity with old telephone books? Good info.
  6. Yeah well, Paul, you say that shit now. if you would happen to be shot by him accidently while he was drooling, I'm sure your laywers would be singing a different story. Take the guy out for one last fling, and hang it up.
  7. Hopefully he will just wing some one and you will both be put in jail before someone gets killed. I used to mow my neihbors yard, and they guy could still get a drivers liscense. Once he got past his driveway, he had no idea where he was going. He would drive for days until someone finally showed him the way home. In a town of 3400 people. The rodeo is over for that drooler, put him to rest. Why did you even start this thread, just to piss people off?
  8. You total fucktard, you start the thread off by saying "Be Careful" What the hell is that suppossed to mean? You give a drooler a gun, and I"M SUPPOSSED to be carweful? Do I crawl around on mmy knees because he might accidently shoot me? Fuck you. You should tell him to be care full (full of care) and blindfold all of us and have us shoot at him. Sounds badass coming from the other direction doesn't it idiot? But it's the exact same shit. Think about it. and take away the droolers guns. Do us all a favor.
  9. I really don't know what to say, except - NO we don't need pics. And I'm glad I don't live next door, and thank you rbuck for looking after him. There comes a piont in everyones life when ...Evryones life when.....everyone...put it down. it's not really funny shit asshats. Your time will come. it won't be pretty, but they will take away your keys and tell you no more BS and you will sit in a fucking room with strangers and your kids won't come visit and you will fucking waste away wondering what happenned. It ain't funny. If you have to determine when some one is safe by the look on their face
  10. Wow, A whole differant perscptive on staring at some girls face instead of her boobs. Or you can do the boob -will it fit- face thing. over and over 4 -5 drills a day in the office for "safety"
  11. One of the best vids I've seen in awhile! Thanks Cobra!
  12. Texas, the land of the Big Sky. I'm back in Nebraska now, and the sky is the same when you look up. But for some reason it still looks bigger in Texas. How in the hell can a sky look bigger out in the middle of nowhere? It just does.
  13. That's really cool as I live in Gothenburg NE and our "sister" city is Gothenburg Sweden. I will try to find out stuff for you, but it is friday night here. And I will almost be called out before monday. When I get back, the first thing when I get back in town, is to see if they have anything that you might be interested in. This is way cool Warrior J! I didn't think you would actually do it! get ready for potato balony and I know I'm not spelling it right, but lukefish? A Swedeish buddy of mine made it every year for New years Eve. He even found all the ingredients when we lived down in Houst
  14. He's just to elusive, he talks alot, but doesn't say anything concrete. If his situation is real, he needs to get a neighborhood watch party established at the very least. Needs to get the local PD invovled as to what is going on. Rural areas are havens for meth labs and other activities. Moving is not always an option for many people. I hope he gets things sorted out. Safety for family should come first. Always. Lot's of good advice here, though.
  15. I have also read to heat it cherry hot, then apply candle wax. it will seep into the threads easier than penetrating oil. My 87 Sbuburban was a nightmare to get the original plugs out of last year, but thankfully, none of them broke. When you put the new plugs in - ANTI-SIEZE! I use it on absolutely everything anymore. I had no problems pulling the plugs and most of the fastners on my 67 Coronet. They just keep using cheaper hardware as every year passes. (my burban looked about as rusty as your pics), but just on the engine and outer body. lol. Try the candle wax, what do you have to lose? It
  16. Weird, my antenna went up way before I red any of the other responses.
  17. Yeah, feels hokey as hell. I'm wary. It's like a juniuor freelance wants to say we are all armegeddeen or some bull shit.
  18. Yeah, feels hokey as hell. I'm wary. It's like a juniuor freelance wants to say we are all armegeddeen or some bull shit.
  19. Sorry to hear of your loss Paul, you are a cool dude, and I tend to think your friends must be as well. Please take care.
  20. Just saw this. Happy B-Day WJ! The deal you would be getting with the experience of a lifetime for you and your daughter can't be beat! That is flat out COOL! Plus, they last forever with a little maintenance. Good Luck, and Happy BeLated Birthday. (never again a puppy for me! hope that works out for you)
  21. I'm very sorry to hear that Ben. The RR's are actually working hard at taking out as many xings as they can to prevent this. In some rural areas that is very hard to do. My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss.
  22. MRE's were excellent in the Deep South during hurricane season when the power was off for days or weeks at a time. The only one I didn't like was the dehydrated hamberger patty. Tasted like a meat flavored sponge.
  23. OK. I'm calm now. it just sucks to see such relatively young people make such stupid decisions. And it sucks going to work every other day and even wondering if you are going to make it home. Yesterday, the RR here had a huge derailment. Wiped out 3 main lines for 6 miles. Thank God no one was killed. Two trains, an eastbound and a westbound hit each other in the middle. Both were going through a crossover at the same spot. A couple of years ago, something like this happened, and the main locomotive ended up on it's side, and the Engineer had to dig out the Conductor through the Conductor's wi
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