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  1. Feeling burnt out from work . I need some range time

  2. wow, they got a shooting range/gun store now in hooterville? they didn't when I was station there, when it was the 24th ID, eons ago. guys that owned firearms use to take the range safety class at range control, to be range qualified so they could use the POW range. Yep, they got a nice little range right there off of 196. I haven't been there since I left active duty back in February though. 24th ID wow, lol. No offense though They have a cool owner. He has done some good pricing on alot of my stuff
  3. only "The Judge" stays out of the safe and by my bed
  4. does ur clutch move forward freely without any resistance?? check ur slave cylinder or ur clutch master cylinder
  5. As part of the military (USMC and now USCG) and LE community I think you underestimate how committed most of us are to upholding freedoms like the 2nd Amendment. If a true SHTF scenario came into play and big daddy govt tried to take the citizen's arms there would be a civil war inside the military and the govt. I'm not saying there won't be areas and situations where government tyrany will occur, but I just don't ever see a widespread coordinated effort ever happening. Localized areas (Kalifornia, Mass, New York, etc..) I would expect the government coming after it's people. But never on a n
  6. I think it needs a fourth mag and a bayonet lug
  7. thats a beautiful dog wish had the room and money to afford him
  8. its the weekend . everyone enjoy

  9. Well mine is self explanatory I love blackrifles. wish I had more money to afford more of them . I cant seem to satisfy hunger
  10. I think I'm to blame for this one. I put the front sight on backwards for purely cosmetic reasons. The reason I did this was 1) to maintain the existing straight line going up the gas block into the front sight. 2) Most guns I see have the angle facing the rear of the gun. Look at a AR-15 sight, or a standard AK front sight... Flat on the front, angle to the rear. I wanted to follow that design and look a little more. *I still have the rear sight on in the proper orientation* The drum should lean foward. The traditional method of installing the front sight would be to have th
  11. man that a tough looking pistol. got a holster for that
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